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In case anyone’s interested, I’m selling a brand new Corter belt (black, size 32). Got it last week, still in the original package. Overall, my Corter experience was okay. Shipped a few weeks later than expected, but the belt quality is great. Anyway, here’s the belt I’m selling. Thanks!
This black Corter belt has never been worn -- still in the original bag! It's marked size 34, but fits way closer to a size 32. It would be comfortable for a size 30 waist. 1.5” width. I’m including a free extra buckle in antique silver color (the belt has Chicago screws, so buckles can be easily switched). I also listed on eBay. $40 shipped! Domestic only.
Howdy folks -- just picked up my second pair of GT's, this time in Black. My other pair is the Cigar and they're going beautifully after two years. Dress shoe size is 10.5 and both times the 10 worked like charm. Just wanted to share a fix I made to a small problem with this recent pair. Again, the size was great out of the box. But immediately I felt a small spot of serious irritation on the inside of one boot -- at the point where the tongue folds over at the ankle (if...
Looks like LEC lost its own site -- now it seems to be a section of the regular LE site. Maybe they're throwing in the towel?
I'm a 42r and the cardigan in medium is a good fit. No experience with the crewnecks.
^ Yeah, I need to keep it cool on this one. But Uniqlo seems to love Grand Opening specials and stuff like that. Maybe we'll see some deals with the online kick-off.
^ Those look excellent. I have the 9016's and they're great, but I first had my eye on the 9014. But the white stitching didn't work for me. You solved that beautifully!
^ That must have been updated in the last hour. I checked earlier and it was just the usual landing page.
Check this thread on "Put this On" ...scroll down for the Q&A about altering a sweater.
Thanks for posting about this jacket ...not sure if you took note of the Olive color, but if so, any impressions? The Olive looks a little bright on the Uniqlo site, is it more subdued in person? Thanks for any info!
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