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pmd on #40
Dewey , thanks alot for the complete list...looks like I am between BB2 and BB3. I bought some of BB2s and I will try them. BB has an excellent return policy.
Folks, Looking at trying the BF shirts, can anyone tell me the shoulder - shoulder measurement for the BB2 and BB3? Thx
What are the measurments on the 42R? ...I am hoping they run slim. Thx
PM sent
Folks, I am looking for a slim fit, charcoal suit (or there is a perfect blue). I hope you can help. This would have been perfect: http://www.styleforum.net/showthread.php?t=98574 some measurements to work with: Shoulders: 18.5 Chest: 21 across Waist: 19 Across Length from BOC: 31.5 Sleeve Length: 25.5 Pants Waist: 32" Rise: 11.5" Leg Opening: 8 - 8.75" Across Inseam: 34" or Unhemmed
Ditto on the Borrelli shoes...if anyone want to unload a pair of 9Ds, let me know.
PM sent on the Houndstooth.
PM sent
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