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yeah, is this sold all ready?
pbj xx-005 apc rescues nudie grim tims levi 501s (for painting and working with chemicals in lab)
this. thread. is. awesome. on. so. many. levels.
i never liked pf changs, it's pricey and you can get better chinese food at a hole-in-the-wall place anywhere else they serve chinese food. you're also going to get a lot more bang for your buck somewhere else.
while I was in mexico I picked up this cheap caramel flavored tequila, it was called crema de almendrado and it went fantastic with coffee/milk. it's about 60 proof too, so it's a tad stronger than kahlua.
a warm ass blue moon
granted your girlfriend is the sensitive type, sheri's berries are nice. they're fat strawberries dipped in chocolate that's assembled by by the mentally impaired. it's a very decorative package and the strawberries are really good (they come at about 20-40 bucks depending on what you get).
I'm in Houston right now and it is ungodly hot. Just wear easy-breathing fabrics. You can get away with a lot of the same stuff, if you just switch it for light-weight material.
a blue moon with a side of chicken
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