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Thirty dollar shoes.
Yes, I'm a medium but I can't say I'd buy that coat. I am not fond of the vertical pockets and I really want a "belt'n'zipper" gaudy look.
I was browsing rakuten and came across this beautiful piece. I wish that it wasn't sold out though! Has anyone seen a source for pea coats that have zippers like this one? I've never found one that looks this "tailored" and this classy.
Hmmm thanks. I'll hold out for now.... I HOPE that they get a smaller size in...
Nooo I appreciate your answer! First thing i did was google it, though. I can find 3/4 peacoats, but I can't find anything for men that is shorter and more of a 'sport coat' length.
so do you think as a whole it would be wise to avoid the purchase until I can find a large? I certainly don't want baggy arms....
Will I be okay wearing this or will I be swimming in it if i buy the black XL size? Here are my measurements... chest: 39 in waist: 34 in hips: 36 in height: 72 in
Thanks, but regardless of symantics, i cant seem to find anything like this anywhere :x
I love this look but I've never seen it at any American retailers. Anyone know of another site/store that sells a double breasted hoodie like this? I don't mean a pea... Thanks
awesome, I'm liking alot of those gmarket jackets...
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