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Kevin and Howlin Donegal tweed Norfolk jacket €12.50 - in near perfect condition, though obviously old.
A good few days - 4 pairs of jeans that all fit, including a pair of NWT April 77 Sinners (sorta glazed indigo) for 3 euros ea, a few sweaters and, today, as the sun came out, a very nice Gianluca Napoli overcoat in a sweet brown herringbone..... 10 e
Quote: Originally Posted by rexthedestroyer I think a lot of you slim guys are young. I'll be 50 this year and weigh, and look- grey hair excepted - much the same as I did when I was 18. I've never watched what i eat.
Probably only of use to Europeans here, but I just thrifted a pair of Bertoni NWT cords 30/34 and they fit my 6'3" 150lb frame like a dream - not cut like jeans but like very slim suit trousers with proper side and back pockets. Danish brand, so fits the Scandinavians know best rule.
No Wes Anderson, No Credibility.
On being informed by Richie that he loves Margot, his adopted sister, and being assured that it's not against the law, Royal Tenenbaum says: "I'd say it's frowned upon" Long pause. "But then, what isn't these days?'
like this you mean?
Very good for the tall and thin - his 'S' will fit my 36" chest, but cover my long back.
Nice Zegna Su Misura Jacket, Profeo Silk, Dark blue with light blue pinstripe - it's a 36R, and my real size is the impossible 36L, so I usually settle for a 38R or L , but this fits OK: the waist is on my waist, the sleeves, perhaps a cm too short. Anyway, it was €7.50 at Vincent de Paul, so no complaints
Quote: Originally Posted by tsaltzma Really? What do you consider decent? I've haven't found a pair of $1000+ shoes yet, but I find $500 shoes left and right. Useful finding both....
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