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I'm generally pretty happy with the fit, finish and value of Charles Tyrwhitt shirts. The construction is fairly sturdy though, i.e. stiff collars and cuffs and separate placket. Does anyone have recommendations for shirts made of lighter fabrics and of lighter construction, but otherwise equivalent to Charles Tyrwhitt?
Is there a code to get 50% off? (sorry about the hijack...)
I have some H&H shirts, but I must say that I'm not very pleased with the collar-construction. It may be because I got mine a size to small, but they seem to collapse somehow if worn without a tie. Another bug is that you can't get barrel-cuffs without a breast-pocket. I will say though that the current crop of patterns is amazing and that I'm seriously contemplating ordering a batch - especially now that there's no discount code at Tyrwhitt (plus I find Tyrwhitts...
I have a pair of Loake Arundel in black that I'm fairly pleased with. I do remember finding the front to be a tad square (this was not evident from the Pediwear picture). The ones pictured at the top of this thread seem to have been made on a considerably more attractive last. Is there any way to tell which Loakes are made on this type of last?
Had a '93 XJ6 when I was living in the US. Big, smooth and very fast. God I loved that car...
I'm rather pleased with my Certina DSP Podium.
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