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I don't see any point in the legalize it debate since marijuana is as cheap and accessible as ever.
Quote: Originally Posted by j ^^ pics or you're male I've tried numerous times but alas I was born with a genetic defect which prevents my image to be captured on film.
The people here can easily be classified into a single caste: gentleman-commoners.
Conne is a great man.
What's so "new" about Browne? Are people paying more for the brand niche (being part of the stylish crowd)? I'll take a conservative Ford cut over Browne.
Quote: Originally Posted by hossoso I agree, I don't know how Junior keeps slipping under the radar but he seems to be getting more brazen. I need to start using 'ignore' more often. Explain? I've been highly civil, and I expect you to not stab behind my back. You were offended when we disagree? That's a natural outcome in a politics thread. I imagine this thread is a Supreme Court of sort. Then state your case if you'd please. And I'm not...
Quote: Originally Posted by singhstyle why take the MCATs to prove your worth? Makes no sense to me. Because a 4.0 for biochem engineering or psychology means different things, in addition to the differences in grading system between schools (UC Irvine vs. Princeton). Why is an interview even required after a secondary application? To test your commitment to a school.
Quote: Originally Posted by GQgeek He had something that was innate and couldn't be taught at university; people skills. Thank God I was not born to be a yes man to the riche and famouse.
Quote: Originally Posted by makushin I'm in dental school and spent the last 2 nights learning biochemical pathways that nobody will remember after the boards. I had no idea that's required for tooth pullers.
They were never "punk" but I enjoyed the melodrama of teenage life through their lyrics.
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