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Also interested!
Allo, allo... Anybody have an idea how this Dunderdon peacoat fits in real life? I've read that a lot of their stuff fits rather boxily. (Dunderdon j29 victor) I need something for the upcoming Iowa winter (I go to Grinnell College, live in Portland, OR otherwise). I have a Gloverall duffel coat but it's unlined and woeful against the wind. I'm 5'11", ~160, there's some WAYWT pictures of me up in the threads if...
Just got in contact with Jason --- it's too much too soon, I could only get it by the 17th if I sent payment + measurements by tomorrow, and I don't have measurements or the opportunity to get them.
Hello, I need a suit by May 17 (including all necessary tailoring). I'm a 36R/30W, and would prefer a navy suit (with or without pinstripes), and under $500-600. Any help possible? Thanks!
Picked up some Cole Haan boots at the outlet store for the whopping price of $22 (after a series of markdowns and discounts) from $275. Needed a pair of boots for the coming four years of Iowa winters, and for $22...well.. The weird linty marks are from me accidentally using a cotton cloth to wipe of excess conditioner...
H&M Sliqs - 10 months, 4 washes (Six before the first)
My once-monthly (if that), post: Excuse dumbass expression. I had a hell of a time playing Loveless in the car the other day with a friend of mine who's in an orchestra... He almost imploded on the spot. PS - does anyone know what other jeans fit like the Sliqs I'm wearing in the picture? I almost pulled the trigger on some Corpus Tal's from Revolve for $77, but didn't...oops.
Gap jacket Umbro by Kim Jones hoodie AA shirt H&M Sliqs Nikes Fractured Ankle
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I can sum that up for you now: Levi, Levi, Levi, Uniqlo, Gap, Cheap Monday, Levi, Good Society, Good Society. Done. Add H&M Sliqs as well...
Haven't posted in ages.
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