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Hello Still available?
Woaw 1200 so expensive for a first suit, might not even be able to pay it with my first intern salary...Well where to get in Europe to get something decent for a fair price? Thanks for the answers nice
Quote: Originally Posted by tropics tailored as in altered or MTM / bespoke? i'm from cork and there is not much there wrt quality suiting Thanks for your answer, Not bespoke since i don't have the means yet, so where are you getting your suits in EUrope?
Hello, Might be living in Ireland for 6 months or so for an internship, i've been looking around before for good choices in terms of both quality and price regarding suits. -Turkey -Spain Those countries seemed to be good alternatives, but now since i will be traveling to Cork soon, i am considering Ireland as a country to get a suit tailored. ANyone got an advice on European countries, or Experience where to get a suit tailored for a fair price? (i need my kidneys,...
Could you be more specific? all i could find was hotel booking stuff...
I was looking at the thread "tailor in Hanoi" and i decided to create this one since Turkey is known to have a strong culture, expertise in this field. I would like to have some advice or may be addresses and recommandation for a tailor in Turkey, pref. Istanbul. Im looking to have 3 suits made for my internship. Thanks a lot for your time and answers
Can't run because my IT band is killing me and i believe i need to see a specialist and an orthopedist. Well will check tomorrow a swimming pool and join for lunch swims. getting fat without running... that is annoying
Price dropped: 75 € shipped ($102)!
I'm selling this rare Nicolas Andreas Taralis shirt from SS2010. (one of the assistants of Hedi Slimane Dior Homme Era) This is the sport shirt white/white Oxford Piqué. Size 38 (M) Condition: new (unworn, too big for me) Measurement: - shoulder to shoulder: 43.5 cm - armpit to armpit: 49.5 cm - shoulder to cuff: 70cm I'm asking 120€ (= $157) (international shipping + paypal fees included).
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