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Dumb question but do you guys hang your tees? I always just folded them and put it in a drawer but I ran out of room. The modal feels a little dainty. I had a t by aw silk tee that stretched out on the shoulders when I hung it
Not a fan of wool bombers. Feel they should always be made of nylon or cotton.
That reminds me of a fireman jacket
Anyone have the Moritz tee? I didn't like it before and the neck opening looks a little snug but it's grown on me
Soaking the waist should help. I only wear jeans with stretch now since I lift regularly. I can never go back to raw denim
My parents house was never remodeled. They had it custom built. Not sure the original property tax but my parents had to pay property tax on the assessed value of the house when it was built, not the price they paid to have it built.A good amount of the tax increases came from voter approved bonds. I believe these bonds are independent of the 2% max increase allowed. Either way paying $28k a year in property tax is ridiculous.My friend's parents bought their house around...
Yea $28k a year is fucking ridiculous. That's the price of a car. @cyc wid it I didn't know you lived in Santa Clara County, thought you were in SF. I live by the stadium.
Sold out
@FrankCowperwood Prop 13 was for people who bought their house prior to a certain year which I believe was in the early 80s so that they would not pay more than 1% of the value they paid. It sucks with the inflated housing prices in the Bay Area if you're not protected by prop 13 you will pay tax on the assessed value of the house. My parents bought their house in 1995 for around $750k. Now the value is assessed at around $3 million. In these 20+ years their property tax...
Oh the last part made everything make sense. I thought the cost of housing in relation to how much people make was better in Europe. Housing prices in the San Francisco area is ridiculous. Most single family homes are selling for $1 million or more and the average salary is like $75k
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