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Damn so they're only $30 now? I might have to get a pair.
Machine wash and lay flat to dry should be fine
Are those the sandals off yoox? Can you give a mini-review of them?
Looks like they're available now. I was able to add it to my bag and go to the checkout page
I'm Asian and have a brown a-2. It doesn't clash with my skin tone. Are you darker skinned?
Lol yoox raised the price on some items in my dreambox just before this.
For shoes I have just used a rubber eraser. Should be fine on your jacket
I have one from his collection last year and it is pretty true to size with a little slouchy fit. I am on the big side of medium and took a medium in it.
Well the old ma-1 was nylon. It shouldn't be hard to clean. As long as the fit isn't tight then I don't see any problems with it.
New Posts  All Forums: