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Weird, price shows up as $100 in cart for me.
Maybe because the email was sent to the payer's paypal email address (the mother or sister).
The contrast in the sole to the upper is ugly.
Here you go Jet: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-flannel-check-long-sleeve-shirt-128007.html#57|/men/featured/flannel/shirts/|
Lol. Even their model for that line has long hair.
Acrimony has the mustard bomber in 46 for pretty cheap: https://www.shopacrimony.com/products/robert-geller-tencel-bomber Looks like East Dane only got a few units of each item in. I don't blame them though as the past 2 seasons of Seconds made it to deep discount.
Well for the Geller ones, I have seen a pair of shorts like that from an old season but I believe most of the time it is just his pants with the elastic leg opening that he pushes up. Like the flight pants for example.
Just wear a belt with the NS or take in the waist.
Anyone selling a spot for a wool ma-1? Please PM me if so.
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