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Size large. Haven't worn it in well over a year so yea I will sell if it's your size. Not sure I even wore it 5 times.
@MickeyPunch I believe Tom Ford sunglasses are made by marcolin, not as big as luxottica but pretty big. They look pretty good, it's a classic sunglasses shape. If you like them and think it's worth the price go for it.
At least that piece was put under the opinion section. Most reviews aren't. I was just talking about stuff in general, not just movies. There aren't many real journalists anymore, most are writers who clearly put their opinion in whatever they write
Dear god that review was hard to read, the writer sounds so bitter. I've always been a big Tom Ford fan even though I could never afford any of his clothes or justify buying it. The colognes he has put out are great, I don't have any from his namesake brand but I still have Gucci Envy and YSL M7. I thought the movie was good but didn't live up to all the hype it was getting. The cinematography was pretty good but I agree with Fuuma's comparison of it to a perfume ad...
Nice fit. What sweater is that?
I agree with you dude is a troll but please leave the political shit out of here
The same one that OccultaVexillum posted a pic of? Or did you get a full floral one on preorder? If so pics are needed
Link doesn't work on Android phone but works on my Mac
A deodorant is just that, covers up odor. Antiperspirants are what block sweat and they use aluminum to do so. This is also what causes the pit stains on clothing. I also found trimming pit hair helps with smell.
Re the deodorant talk. I don't know if it's just me but I have to switch deodorants every few months. Maybe my body gets used to it and they stop working for a while? My body temperature runs hot and I sweat a good amount if active. Malin + goetz never worked for me nor did the crystal deodorant mentioned in other threads. Baxter of California and Aesop worked well for me, though the Aesop was pricey. Make sure you like the smell of vetiver before getting it, the scent...
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