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Yes it goes 1 is the skinniest then 2 and 3. The leg opening on my size 32 type 3s is a little under 7"
No. A tailor should do it at the seam.http://www.apple.com/watch/compare/Those are the 4 different models. There are 2 sizes (38 and 42 mm) and then the band and finishing on the case can be different which would affect the price
@mcfly26 they take PayPal. Try that
I don't really like buying used clothes but I did search before and people wanted 800+. I'd be better off finding a new one on sale
@cakv oops sorry autocorrect changed it. Meant yoox
The APC ma-1 is $560 on eastdane. And lmao APC has a low standard jeans now. I always liked Rick Owens the best but can't justify the price.
Dumb question but in a lot of product shots the shoes are laced but you don't see them tied. I figure that with most shoes they tuck the laces into the shoe or tie it behind the tongue right? But how about the shoes with the sock construction like the lunar epic, magista, zoom all out, etc?
@cakv why don't you try some boots off topic. They will be a lot better quality
Notre has 25% off code, asalecode Works on Geller. I know a lot of people were interested in the grosgrain derbies and the bomber jacket
Is the shipping taking so long because it's UPS or FedEx? They always hold packages so they're not delivered in less than 5 days
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