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Some dude on instagram wears his a ton, although the rest of the stuff he wears isn't Geller. Search for the hashtag robertgeller on instagram and you should be able to find it
Dang I was looking at the sneakers on revolve last night. There's only size 45 left. It looks like a couple of the shirts for fw are the oversized fit (confirmed with measurements). I have the illusion print shirt in my size and it is too small. Did that shirt run small or did all of Geller's recent shirts fit like that? @OccultaVexillum Is the leaf shirt for this season or ss17?
GATs are really comfortable for what its worth. Thats partly why a lot of people wear them. That and them being versatile and looking good.
Eastdane has 25% off sale too. Lots of Geller for cheap if your size is left. They had the Pierre shirt in 48 and 50 when I checked earlier. Was tempted by that check shirt but passed. I like his oversized shirts the best.
Dont own any CPs because the Achilles is too narrow for me but I did try it on briefly. I think the leather on Margiela was a little nicer. They were both comparable though
Thanks. Got birdshit GATs for 230 shipped
@Callusing The items are made per store order. All the Geller stockists seem to be in US, Canada, and Japan. I have put together a list of the North American stockists earlier. For that particular jacket only a few of the stockists got it in so I wouldn't be surprised if only 50 jackets were produced, maybe a little more but i doubt it would be nore than 100.
A little OT but if anyone wanted to check out Etiquette socks, the brand that made Geller's socks in 2012 and I believe the makers of his cut tip socks this season, you can get a pair for cheap here: https://www.c21stores.com/products/etiquette-basic-luxury-rib-socks
Thanks for the response. The bags look nice but I don't really have any techwear so I don't think they'd work with my wardrobe. I wear mainly Geller stuff so I was thinking about a black or grey ballistic nylon or leather bag. Twill might be ok too but I would prefer nylon or leather. I was also looking into what dimensions for the bag I should get as I will be buying it online.There's a grey leather bag I'm looking into but not sure if that is a no go. I never see anyone...
Hey guys. I need help with a travel bag. I was looking at different bag styles and was wondering what you'd guys recommend for weekend getaways and short trips. Hopefully something I can throw in the car and can fit in overhead storage on flights. I was looking at duffle bags, weekenders, and helmet bags. Helmet bags seem to be like duffle bags but they are taller. What size length would you guys recommend? I see a lot of bags are 18 to 21 inches in length. Is 19 big...
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