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That bomber came out last year so unless you find someone else selling it used then he will be your best bet. Finding 48s on yahoo japan aren't that likely. Half price for a year old bomber isn't too bad.
For the people in here wondering about the grana tees, I just picked up a few. The material is thin and i prefer the pima cotton uniqlo one, although I picked up the uniqlo last year and someone said they're thinner now. The white is somewhat sheer to the point I will be returning it. With that said the fit on the scoop neck is pretty good. I just hope it doesn't shrink in the wash in length. I'm 6'1" and got a large for reference. With all the good reviews people had...
Gentry has the Geller sunglasses from the past season for 50% off. http://www.gentrynyc.com/collections/robert-geller/products/garrett-leight-sunglasses-with-clip Always liked it but it's too small for my big head.
Damn the onesie sold out in 48 and 50 on Frances May already. Anyone here cop it yet?
The tencel bomber from last year ran true to size i believe. You can ask dbear, he bought one. I got the patch bomber from last year and it also ran TTS.
Yea it is that 60-40 cotton/nylon jacket. Sweet I will have to pick it up.
How do you size Tim Coppens? If I am a 50 or large in Geller and Ervell, would I be a large in Coppens? Or does Coppens run big? Thanks.
You can do like 10 or 15 minute workouts if you dont have time. Full body workouts switching from 1 exercise to abother with no rest isnt bad. For me i just do the 100 push up program and 50 pull ups program (both are online and are free). Along with bodyweight squats as i dont have a gym membership. They take like 10 minutes to do.
No, never liked chukka sneakers.
Damn the Japanese stores have cooler buys. The long shirts and bombers.
New Posts  All Forums: