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@wurlwyde they sent the link via email to members of the founders circle. I guess its so they get first crack at it. Not sure if the link will work but http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/privatesale16.html?_ke=dHdjaGlubkBnbWFpbC5jb20%3D
Haha. The coldest it really gets here is probably in the mid 60s. Probably too warm to wear it. I wish there was a removeable liner. Where are you moving to?
The Emile bomber is so good. I'm always tempted to buy it but don't think I'd be able to wear it here.
@Dbear is that dip dye more blue or grey? Is it the one that notre sold like a year ago? Thanks
The one from ecole was from at least a year ago, before Geller started putting a 2 on the seconds line but I imagine the fit to be the same. They're both marked as cropped and this is at least 3 or 4 inches shorter than all of the other Geller and seconds tees I have in the same size.I normally layer tees with a tank underneath but it looks weird with cropped tees. The material is nice though, really soft
So I got the seconds pocket tee from ecole and it is pretty cropped. It just goes down to a little past my belt line and I have a normal length torso. The neckline is normal too and not relaxed like most Geller. I was surprised the fit was different from all the other Geller seconds tees I have. Well moreso the neckline. I think it was mentioned as cropped. I will probably just cut the ribbing out
@I have the Richard pants from the past season and mine stretched out a lot. I posted pics when I got them and they were pretty tight and now fit loose
Most Nikes I have to size up half like the frees. I got the OG black/white flyknit trainers a half size up and they are slightly big so I only ended up wearing them once. I got the flyknit lunar 1s TTS and they were a little snug but fit me well now.
Yea that jacket is so beautiful. I got Ervell's jacket forest m-65 from a few seasons ago to try and fill the void but it is no where near as cool.
I prefer the lighter colored bird shit gats.
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