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I would check epaulet, one of the sites sponsors.
Barney's warehouse 50% off on select sweaters and denim. Got the Siki Im light grey denim because it was like 60 bucks.
So the Google currency for yen to dollar is correct? If so a size 50 leather sold for like 7000 or 8000 yen (sub $100). Was on vacation so couldn't bid on it.
Searching yoox on the phone sucks. If you remember seeing a specific item on yoox you can google it and limit the results to their website. Thats how i found this. If someone wants an M-65 jacket for cheap http://mobile.yoox.com/us/41459854PO/item?dept=fmlfrnds1#sts=sr_fmlfrnds180&cod10=41459854PO&sizeId=7
I understand the whole pricing process going on with JE and I definitely don't blame them for the pricepoint of their outerwear. The custom made fabrics, size of their batch runs, and the retailers carrying their products all factor into the cost. I don't think they are price gouging people or that they're greedy. I think part of the problem with selling the outerwear is how they branded themselves, as luxury basics. The price jump to the outerwear is sizable from their...
Did eastdane get the bomber without the straps? I dont see it in their pics
I never got them before now so i can't compare. The tees do fit slim though so maybe youre right. I might try going up a size and maybe shrinking it if it's too big
Yea the larges are a little more than 2 inches shorter. I contacted customer service about this as their measurements show 30" for a large. They said they updated the fit and need to update the website. They're a tad short for me but i still kept a couple. Hope they dont shrink in a cold wash and line dry.
@DLester Have you gotten any grana tees from the new batch? They shortened the tees.
That bomber came out last year so unless you find someone else selling it used then he will be your best bet. Finding 48s on yahoo japan aren't that likely. Half price for a year old bomber isn't too bad.
New Posts  All Forums: