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Been copping way too damn much. Need to go give my wallet a break. Was looking for a tan/sand suede boot that's not SLP price: Ervell knit sized up for slouchiness: Buttero: Geller: Margiela: Isaia:
It doesn't look as bad in person and it's not like people are going to see your shoes that closely. I'm a sucker for white shoes. I had just bought the low top white GATs a month ago.
Do all of Geller's frames work better on small to medium faces? Can't find the lens sizes from past years and the ones with Garrett Leight have a lens width of 48.
I got these yesterday. Havent tried it on yet but here are some quick phone pics
Fit looks good. What is the leg opening on those?
Trucker jacket is too short.
Only tried COS tees and was not impressed. Was overpriced.
The OCBDs are probably their best product. Their flannels and jeans are good too. Other stuff I feel is just a little better than other mall brands
Margiela Distressed Velcro Highs: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Maison-Margiela-leather-distressed-Hi-top-sneakers-new-WAS-425-00-/151678906440?var=450882888458
Yea I feel the same way. Years ago people were getting good deals but now as more people know of the company they are getting a lot harder to come by. Yoox prices stuff according to how well they sell so for more popular brands you probably won't save much (and would also have to wait a year to see it on yoox) compared to sale prices on current season stuff. With that said I got the forest print patrik ervell field coat for cheap, ~$230.
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