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??? They're different cuts. A slim fit size 50 is slimmer than their regular size 50.
Depends on your definition of reasonably priced. Stephan Schneider makes really awesome knits. If you want something cheaper I've heard COS is pretty decent
Switching the item in the box for yoox does not work. The tag on each item is unique and scanned when they get the return. I found this out the hard way
I have the rebel tank and it was surprisingly much heavier than i expected. So much so that I cant layer it under a tee in the summer and maybe spring here so I've never worn it. Keep that in mind.This reminds me I have a large sand villain NWT that I need to post a classified for.
I agree on the pants running TTS for the most part especially on his standard skinny jeans cut. His type 3 denim runs a little big. I'm a 33" to 33.5" waist and wear a 32 in the type 3. I couldn't even button the waist in his jeans in what I assume was his skinny cut in the same size although it was from at least a couple seasons ago. The Richard pants have an elasticated waist (I believe) and a drawstring so even though NMWA measurement shows 32" it will really fit a 34.
Robert Geller did one this past spring summer.
Damn missed the zip blazer. If anyone got it and it doesnt work out LMK. I don't remember seeing it when I searched a few days ago. What is the japanese text for Robert Geller? Thanks baklanyc for the info!
Thanks runningfrog. Those are the same ones nicelynice posted but on a different site. Too light colored and cropped for my taste. I agree on the full Richard suit. Thats what kept me from buying both. I feel they look better separate.
Thanks nicelynice. I knew I was missing some details. I'm actually looking for the charcoal/dark grey size 50. And not cropped.
Seeing Robert Geller wearing Richard pants in a lot of pics makes me want a pair. Might get a pair of the current season ones unless anyone has a lead to a grey flecked spring/summer pair. Hopefully they aren't too warm for springtime in California.
New Posts  All Forums: