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Have you looked at the Nike Lunar Arktos boots? They look pretty cool and you can find them on sale in your price range (black may be harder to find though)
Did you get the pants? Anyone know if the quality is the same as before?
I ordered a bunch of cos tees when they opened the US webstore and didn't keep any at all. They ran small and I wasn't impressed with the material on any of them. The white tees were paper thin and the necks on a couple other tees had the bacon neck thing.
I googled it before and remembered seeing the jacket hangers have a width of 19" I think so make sure they fit. I heard they're not bad but obviously don't have the level of shoulder support as the hanger project
If I remember your size right (smedium) I think the bomber will be a little too big for you in the shoulders.Art you should get the jumpsuit. You're probably one of the few on sf who could pull it off.
@melonadejello barneys descriptions are always wrong think the Grey jeans and the black motor jeans are the slim fit. Are the bleached one the skinny fit? It says slim but the legs look skinnier than the other ones. Thanks
Barneys warehouse has the jumpsuit in 46 and tarmac bomber in 50 for around 210 each. If anyone gets the jumpsuit post pics.
Anyone selling a wool ma-1 spot?
It seems like most of the raw belts are pretty thick. You can probably get a custom one meeting your specs from lucky/unlucky. I forgot his name but he had a thread on here. His website is http://www.dontmournorganize.com
Nah you should buy them from cos uk
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