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The contrast in the sole to the upper is ugly.
Here you go Jet: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/product/men-flannel-check-long-sleeve-shirt-128007.html#57|/men/featured/flannel/shirts/|
Lol. Even their model for that line has long hair.
Acrimony has the mustard bomber in 46 for pretty cheap: https://www.shopacrimony.com/products/robert-geller-tencel-bomber Looks like East Dane only got a few units of each item in. I don't blame them though as the past 2 seasons of Seconds made it to deep discount.
Well for the Geller ones, I have seen a pair of shorts like that from an old season but I believe most of the time it is just his pants with the elastic leg opening that he pushes up. Like the flight pants for example.
Just wear a belt with the NS or take in the waist.
Anyone selling a spot for a wool ma-1? Please PM me if so.
Yes they are square toed. Don't buy them.I wouldnt wear dressier shoes with scrubs. You can't wear sneakers?
So I emailed Gasmy twice to get my customs issue taken care of but it looks like they are ignoring me. Haven't responded to either message.
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