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I called their customer service and they were great and are letting me return it hassle free
WTF. So the shipping department at East Dane doesn't know how to pack. They shipped the 2 tees I ordered in a box that is filled with 90% tissue paper. Instead of wrapping the tees in the paper so that the tees are in the middle of the box protected, they jammed the box with the tissue paper and put the tees in so it is on the outside. I opened the box from the side without the stamp as that should be the top and cut through 1 of the tees. Be careful when opening your boxes.
Anyone try out the seconds hoodie on east dane? Wondering if the fabric is sturdier than the past season's which felt a little delicate.
I talked to DHL and sent Gasmy an email asking them to give the proper invoice to DHL separating shipping costs. Hopefully they resolve things quickly
I won't be shopping at Gasmy again. Bought some basics that came out to $170. Shipping was $40 so I paid $210 overall. The geniuses there marked down the package value as $210 even though I asked them to put the total as without shipping. So I got a customs bill from DHL for $73.24. It was $66.75 for import/export duties and a deferment fee of $6.49. I believe anything under $200 should be customs free. I am going to call DHL tomorrow.
CPs http://www.yoox.com/us/44684881AJ/item?dept=men#sts=sr_men80&cod10=44684881AJ&sizeId=11 With the dreambox code it is a little under 200
I haven't really had the problem as the denim has a good weight. It happened to my pair of one wash that I had worn for 2 years but it was more that it had developed 2 small holes so I had them patched and had the crotch reinforced.
If anyone got the MMM grey jeans in 48 and they don't work out let me know
I think those are the first cut jeans. If so they have measurements here:http://www.endclothing.com/brands/our-legacy/our-legacy-first-cut-jean-183017.htmlThey just look like wool pants.
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