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What happened to the release of the grey SF af1s? I thought it was supposed to release today but they did the desert camo instead
You can't expect a retailer to price match an item that isn't in stock and to honor a coupon on the other site.
Oak also has this dirt cheap neoprene sleeveless hoodie. I can see it looking pretty cool in some outfits.
Drkshdw ma-1 size small for around $650 with code: I've been looking for a simple black ma-1 jacket and never found anything that looks as good as Rick.
If I really want something I will buy it at retail or when it first hits sales (30% off) if I think it will last that long. I don't even know how the item I bought fits and I don't really need it, I have enough clothes. I probably just bought it because of the price.And yes my assumption on the price of an international phone call was totally wrong. $3 is nothing.
My point was I didn't want to have to wake up early and pay $15 to $20 bucks to call a store when it's not that big of a deal to me if they fulfill my order or not. And I probably assumed the call would cost way more than it actually would.
I'll only buy the phone call when it reaches 90% off.I haven't really looked into cost of international call but I always assumed it was like $3+ per minute. Sounds like it's cheaper than that.Maybe I thought this because my co-worker forgot to turn his company phone to airplane mode when traveling overseas and got a bill for over $10k
How are you guys calling 18montrose? It's international and standard cell phone plans don't cover that I don't think. Is there a free phone app?
I think the redundant names are because the items are from different seasons/batches. They did that with ocbds for example.
I'd say it depends on what you're doing? You didn't buy them yet did you?Since I do squats and deadlifts I like shoes with flat soles so I only wear chucks or metcons. Other exercises it probably won't really matter too much.Edit: those shoes were made for playing tennis so they should be pretty stable and should be fine.
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