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If the prosecuting attorney was friends with Wilson can't they challenge based on conflict of interest? I see the stats that you show in 2010 but it is different with police. They cant just run away from a situation they have to deal with it. How many of these 162k cases were self defense? How many self defense cases go to trial? How many of these cases where the person was indicted was related to a gang, drugs, revenge, etc? You're comparing apples to oranges here.1 of...
I read Huffington Post without knowing their bias for quite a while then i saw their logic in defending their views which i dont agree with at all. They actually opened my eyes to a lot of stuff.Also i do not read Fox News. I just read the articles on Yahoo (another liberal news source) and read the comments there. I do not read or watch any conservative sites or shows. I form my own opinions. I saw the facts about the distance from the car. Lies were told by both sides....
If its in terms of measurements it means back of collar
Lol Vox and the Huffington Post are the most liberal news sites ever. Yahoo had an article on how at least 2 key witnesses for Brown lied on the stand. 1 of them did it with the protection that they wouldnt be prosecuted for perjury. Did you see the video taken of the shooting where the guy recording or the one he was talking to said Brown charged the officer? Also google Deandre Joshua. Dude is from Ferguson and he was a key witness for Wilson. His name and testimony was...
I know i will never shop at Union. The witnesses who said Brown had his hamds up admitted to lying during the trial. 1 of the witnesses who corroborated Wilson's account was murdered yet the media doesnt report any of this.
Happy Thanksgiving everyone.
Look at their size charts. They give measurements
Yea I can't charge a good friend more than cost, just doesn't feel right.
I had PRK a few years ago. I wasn't able to keep my eyes open for a couple days, they would water non stop. Hope you have a comfortable bed and plenty of music.
Did you consider PRK too? LMK if you have a sf meet up in the Bay Area.
New Posts  All Forums: