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In case anyone was interested, the real real put a good amount of their Geller shoes at 40% off making them 195 before shipping and tax
I wouldn't buy JE preorder either because they always use fucking filters on their product shots to make it look better. You can almost never see the true color of the item.
I don't think the postings on Drew had anything to do with Libertine failing. It's hard to make it in the restaurant business, they generally don't make money for several months. There is the upfront initial investment to cover rent, employees, interior design/layout, etc. Then they need to attract and keep customers.Also I'm not sure how many of the negative postings about Libertine were in Korean. I also find it hard to believe Dan knew nothing and that is why I haven't...
Ahhhh my overdue cut off has a hole in it. I think it was from the ashes of some fools who were smoking by me at dinner. Is it worth it to take it to a tailor to patch? Or just leave it and hope it doesn't get bigger? I need to learn how to patch holes
@nsubrmnn Since the cropped sashiko tee is $300, I would imagine the extended version is around the same price/slightly more.
@dieworkwear thanks for the update dww. Do you even feel like it's worth pursuing criminal charges? If it's even anything like it is in the US it will take a lot of time and money. You already confirmed he is broke. Smearing his name on the internet would be much easier, cheaper, and less time consuming. I had already given up hope on seeing my money back over a year ago
If they have it, i will pick up some collaboration tees as beaters. None of the other stuff. You can never have enough tees.
Wow I never saw your Reddit post on Geller. Great job. What is a masterclass? Will they compensate you or waive fees or anything?
The dock tee and chess piece look cool. The price on the chess tee though
Links didn't work for me. Says no relationship with merchant
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