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@OccultaVexillum Just think of it this way, Australia doesn't have any Geller stockists so you're stocking up.
I like it best unbuttoned with the black jeans though I may be biased and dont really wear trousers. The black/blue richard pants look great in those outfits. I have the jacket but never got the pants because theyre cropped. If anyone got the cut sleeve hoodie from ssense in large but dont want it hmu
@needhelp123 are those this seasons richard pants? Does anyone know how this seasons richard fit compared to last season? Last season stretched out a ton and fit loose so Im thinking about sizing down 1
Working title shop has it too
The jacket looks better zipped. I got it too and it looks pretty big worn open. Thats crazy sending it to your hotel. Did they just deliver it to the front desk and have the concierge hold it for you? I'd be worried the shipping would be delayed and I wouldn't get it in time unless I was staying for more than just the weekend. @wurlwyde meyvn and ssense were the only stores I saw get it in brown. There's a couple places that have it in charcoal in a 48 if youre interested.
It came out a year ago so your best bet would be ebay or rakuten.
It was asked before and i think Kyle at NMWA said go TTS. Or it was someone who was involved with their photoshoot. Tonio sized down 1 though. You can ask him for pictures. I think size down 1 would work for a slimmer fit and TTS for a slouchy fit. I would personally do TTS
Yea I think the color on the ssense photos isn't great/accurate. Geller has never disappointed with his colors. I'm kinda still kicking myself for not getting it in the green colorway because I already have a jacket that color. Anyone still have it in a 50? I only see the brown/beige and charcoal left and i have last season's bomber in grey.
Check ssense product pages for items you're interested in. Some were discounted further without updating on the designer's page. The hooded jacket is a steal now at $212. The dip dye is around $160. I kind of feel bad for them. Hope enough people buy at retail so they stay around.
@wurlwyde they sent the link via email to members of the founders circle. I guess its so they get first crack at it. Not sure if the link will work but http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/privatesale16.html?_ke=dHdjaGlubkBnbWFpbC5jb20%3D
New Posts  All Forums: