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I did, never bought skinny raw denim. Somehow the pairs I had always seemed to shrink a little too much from washing them. Or maybe I just got fat for a bit and the n lost the weight back
You can cut out the neck ribbing on tees. I have because I got a big neck from wrestling but not on JE tees.
I kinda miss the days of wearing raw denim, my balls thank me after switching to stretch denim though. Are there any brands of stretch denim that is starched or something so that it can get fades? Or can anyone recommend stretch denim? I have Robert Geller and Uniqlo. I know Acne and John Elliott have it too but are there any other brands that are good?
That reminds me I have a pair of gyakusou shoes that I've never worn. When I moved out my parents place I left a lot of stuff behind. My mom donated a bunch of stuff including my og black and white flyknit trainers, my AE dress shoes, and a toj jacket.
But JE said they don't use filters on their pics. Lmao
Thanks I was looking at that Porter bag before when it was on ssense and eastdane. Forgot why I didn't buy it.
Thanks guys. @nicelynice do you have any recommendations for a bagmaker that I can get for around $1k?
Hey guys I really need a weekender bag, help me pick one! DRKSHDW: I like the design but it is cotton so not sure about durability. It is the cheapest of the bunch though. Dries: Pebbled leather, doesn't have shoulder strap. Looks a little floppy in a good way. Margiela: Standard Margiela weekender. Brown as opposed to the others in black. Not sure which color is more likely to show wear.
JFC instead of quoting people just to say thanks or that is cool just thumbs up their post
Those derbies are dope. I always felt that JE was a streetwear version of Geller. Something about the runway outfits with the layering and everything gives me that vibe
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