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@Kattia For bracelets check out Burkman Bros
I thought you were gonna get the undercut toasty?
@JohnElliottCo Have you considered making jeans with 1% or 2% stretch material? Makes the fit a lot more forgiving and comfortable. Thanks.
@DividedWay I've had that happen before a few times especially with pants. I know it's a hassle, but I've asked someone for pictures with a tape measure for sizing. I generally check online for measurements first from a store or user I trust
For sneakers just wear chucks or vans
You should ask Hirsh. She can help you out
Wtf. When I first glanced at this pic I thought the model had a topknot. [[SPOILER]]
You can try beaded bracelets if you like. Someone on the MC side here sells them I think. Then there's other websites that sell them like brry bnds.
I think it comes out this month. I never heard a specific date. You can sign up for email notification on gaps website
I think the tie clashes a little bit
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