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Theyre from Meyvn
What was the name of this collection? I thought it was just the lighting or whatever but what is up with the eyes on the models. It's like they have pink eye.
Like Arnold said the ones you got from NMWA is the black/blue ones from SS15. It is pretty light weight and not too warm.
Bw doesnt do codes. Every holiday they have a sale though on certain groups of stuff they choose (i.e. accessories, footwear, etc)
I'm trying to pick between the harrington and julius jacket. Which do you guys like better? How is the collar on the harrington? I still have bad memories of collars on traditional ones being flimsy and looking bad. Is this collar more substantial like a m-65 jacket or is it thin? It also doesnt help that notre is the only place that styled it well. Thanks
If they're too tight just buy a size up
I'm not really into the workwear look so i don't have experience with those 2 brands. I do have the ll bean katahdins though ehich are made by chippewa and the quality is good. It isnt too expensive either. There is a thread for it you can check
The stamp looks like Chippewa. Google Chippewa boots and you should be able to find it
Yea he makes bomber jackets regularly. He will use different materials or tweak the design. You can wait
If it's anything like the multi-knit sweater I would go TTS. The armholes are really high and I could feel them in my pits.
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