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Looks like Maas and stacks got the leaf print shirt https://www.instagram.com/p/BJlj8bLhne0/?hl=en
7store in Japan has it but I only see sizes 44 and 46
Notre got a few items in too. https://www.notre-shop.com/collections/robert-geller
I found fw15 to fit slim while ss15 fit TTS. I wasn't sure about ss15 but sounds like it is. Mind giving me the measurements of the large Hanseatic tee?
Jacket looks great. Can you post or PM me the jacket on eBay? I searched and couldn't find it
Damn where did you get the Kobe mentality that cheap, online or local outlet? The outlets around me is like 20 or 30 bucks off retail.
Do you guys mainly play ball indoors? I can't see paying that much for using them outdoors. I ended up getting kd Trey 5 iii for a little over 80 shipped after reading good reviews. Only wore them once but so far so good.
Yea I only like the standard GAT in the white and black colorway. The painted ones were cool but they haven't made them in years I believe. A couple of the birdshit pairs were cool.
I like long shirts in theory but find them a lot harder to wear, maybe because I never see anyone else wear them in my area? I have a couple geller ones (1 collared other collarless) and hardly wear them.
Wearing the cut sleeve/sleeveless hoodie from ss16 to the office today and people are giving me looks. My reply, what its casual Friday.
New Posts  All Forums: