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Anyone know how the hanseatic tee fits? His drifter tee from last season fits small but his tee from the man who fell to earth season fits me well in my normal size.
For ss17 are there any pieces with the dark floral print besides the vest? The miharayasuhiro floral parka was so cool. Btw i didnt even notice the varsity jacket had the floral trim. Its pretty dope
I have it in a size 50 that i only have tried on. If i decide to get rid of it i will let you know and give it to you at cost if youre interested. Or do you need a 52?
@OccultaVexillum It is this one (image upload failed so posted link). https://cdnb.lystit.com/photos/6492-2015/09/11/robert-geller-black-black-court-pullover-product-1-149764972-normal.jpeg The shirt you posted was from this past ss
I think ssense had that last fw if that is the cotton blend one. It was basically like a short sleeved court crewneck. Not sure if it had the anatomical seam details though
Some dude on instagram wears his a ton, although the rest of the stuff he wears isn't Geller. Search for the hashtag robertgeller on instagram and you should be able to find it
Dang I was looking at the sneakers on revolve last night. There's only size 45 left. It looks like a couple of the shirts for fw are the oversized fit (confirmed with measurements). I have the illusion print shirt in my size and it is too small. Did that shirt run small or did all of Geller's recent shirts fit like that? @OccultaVexillum Is the leaf shirt for this season or ss17?
GATs are really comfortable for what its worth. Thats partly why a lot of people wear them. That and them being versatile and looking good.
Eastdane has 25% off sale too. Lots of Geller for cheap if your size is left. They had the Pierre shirt in 48 and 50 when I checked earlier. Was tempted by that check shirt but passed. I like his oversized shirts the best.
Dont own any CPs because the Achilles is too narrow for me but I did try it on briefly. I think the leather on Margiela was a little nicer. They were both comparable though
New Posts  All Forums: