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"Until you're fat" is the right answer at any age. Denim does not flatter the large of ass. Being over 50, I consider it best to stay far away from any crazy pocket stuff (True Religion), and don't go with too low a rise. I hate pre-distressed so that's not even a question. When combined with a pure white dress shirt, jeans look classic at any age. With a rock band tee, or any printed tee for that matter, it looks like I'm trying to be a kid. Also no Chucks IMHO.
I think we missed the real correllation: The better dressed subjects were probably getting attention from the opposite sex. Those in sweats were likely ignored by the opposite sex, and probably felt so sloppy they were too ashamed to try to flirt. Subjects not distracted by sexual possibilities would therefore be more focused on the test and score higher.
Just bought 5 last month. Got the regular fit but should have bought slim fit. I'm not skinny at 6'2", 220lb, but they were still really blousy. Also the shoulder is wider than many other brands, such as Zanella, but about the same as Canali. The regular fit will almost definitely not be too tight. Quality is OK for the price, but I didn't buy the higher quality fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by familyman Russells are specatacular and I love mine beyond all reason. I'd also recommend them to anyone that has the patience to wait 3 months for them. That said, if you need boots for work you probably don't have 3 months to wait. Oh S**t! I have to stay off this site--going broke. Didn't know about this company before. Their stuff looks fantastic. And the 3 months will pass whether I have boots on order or not.
Quote: Originally Posted by gamelan for some reason, i feel it's a good day when grown men can discuss and debate the intricacies of tucking vs not tucking a button down shirt. -Jeff Amen. In High School leaving it untucked violated the dress code,so we rebels spat in the face of authority by leaving them untucked. But now that its OK, and even fashionable, its no fun. Also I think you younger guys pull it off better. Like a few...
Suggest you take it to a tailor, have it altered to exactly suit you, measure it, then send these measurements to LandsEnd.
I don't agree with the anti-black suit camp, and I don't think a white shirt looks too severe with a black suit. I think the contrast between the black and the white looks sharp. IMHO you risk looking a little overdressed, but that is not much of a 'risk' at a job interview because you want to look better dressed than the rest. If you're set on a different color, try a very light shade of your eye color--if they're brown try a tannish off-white. Personally I'd avoid...
Wore them when I was a kid, but when I tried to go back to them as an adult I found them extremely uncomfortable-- too narrow and no padding. Like walking directly on the cement. Just think, 30 years from now hipsters will be wearing Nike Air, Reebok, and New Balance from 2005 talking about what a classic, timeless design it is.
Personally I'd stick with the first pair. More of a mid-range brown, so more versatile. Also a darn good looking shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by grimslade One problem here is that the seller's account is brand new; it will cost him nothing to ditch it. But if the OP leaves a negative, he'll get one in return. Something to think about, is all. This is why a lot of bad sellers and purveyors of counterfeits have no bad feedback. Also why I stay away from all but a few trusted sellers. BTW, this is very likely NOT his first sale, just his first sale under...
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