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Ran accross a photo of a Santoni shoe on a Nordstrom's link, but they do not seem to sell the shoe pictured. Nor can I find it on Santoni's web page. Anyone know anything about this shoe?
Quote: Originally Posted by rabbimark in my experience, I've consistently had the best no-alterations luck with Boss, specifically the James Brown. Flat front, but not made for Hedi Slimane's favorite stick model. Bingo. Same exact pants for me. I just took my Boss "James Brown" model to my tailor to copy in different fabrics. Best fitting pants I own.
I came to appreciate fashion and better clothing via my wife. Not because she dresses me up, but the opposite. She grew up in a culture where the outfits are already pre- color and texture matched (India, Nepal). After coming to the USA, where I met her, she had no idea how to coordinate Western style clothing. She's quite attractive, but when we dressed to go out and she dressed "American" it was often an outright catastrophe; e.g., camoflague pants and a striped...
I don't get the need for these darts. I do not have a tapered shape, but I hate baggy shirts and have a big neck, so needed almost every RTW shirt I own slimmed. My tailor has always done it at the side seam and they look fine whether stripe or solid. IMHO the darts look like someone was inattentive and accidentally sewed through fabric that bunched up under the sewing machine during assembly. I suggest having the stitching taken out of these darts and have a...
Just went there last week. Not a particularly wide selection, and the prices were not marked off that much. On the other hand, there's a Nordstrom Rack at Howe and Arden that ROCKS! I regularly pull out Zanella and Canali pants for prices ranging from $80 to 110. If you're anywhere from a 32 to a 36 waist and need some, there are several in the store now. Likewise the shoe selection at the Rack is much better than Off Saks. Nordstrom had more in size 12 than Saks...
Suggest Nordstrom Rack if there's one nearby. Much better quality available.
"Until you're fat" is the right answer at any age. Denim does not flatter the large of ass. Being over 50, I consider it best to stay far away from any crazy pocket stuff (True Religion), and don't go with too low a rise. I hate pre-distressed so that's not even a question. When combined with a pure white dress shirt, jeans look classic at any age. With a rock band tee, or any printed tee for that matter, it looks like I'm trying to be a kid. Also no Chucks IMHO.
I think we missed the real correllation: The better dressed subjects were probably getting attention from the opposite sex. Those in sweats were likely ignored by the opposite sex, and probably felt so sloppy they were too ashamed to try to flirt. Subjects not distracted by sexual possibilities would therefore be more focused on the test and score higher.
Just bought 5 last month. Got the regular fit but should have bought slim fit. I'm not skinny at 6'2", 220lb, but they were still really blousy. Also the shoulder is wider than many other brands, such as Zanella, but about the same as Canali. The regular fit will almost definitely not be too tight. Quality is OK for the price, but I didn't buy the higher quality fabrics.
Quote: Originally Posted by familyman Russells are specatacular and I love mine beyond all reason. I'd also recommend them to anyone that has the patience to wait 3 months for them. That said, if you need boots for work you probably don't have 3 months to wait. Oh S**t! I have to stay off this site--going broke. Didn't know about this company before. Their stuff looks fantastic. And the 3 months will pass whether I have boots on order or not.
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