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Having come of age during the polyester era - 70's - I can assure you it does not retain odor after laundering. The "It Stinks!" and the "It Still Stinks!" exclamations may have had nothing to do with olfactory experiences.
Am looking for something a little less stodgy than the run of the mill shoe, but don't like most 'fashion forward' designs, e.g., elongated elven toes, Ronald McDonald last with or without square toe, etc. However, since I have poor spatial imagination and have to try a shoe on before I can tell if it is a good style, I will definitely not buy it without first seeing it in person and trying it on, given the "mixed" feedback.
Quote: Originally Posted by VersaceMan Yeah right, like they're really fooling anyone with their knockoffs... Didn't notice--was watching their knockons.
Agree with Charley. Not that there aren't nuts raising hell because little Suzie saw a weenie on a statue, and not that Texas does not have more than their fair share of those so inclined, but when subjected to disciplinary action, public employees will latch onto any excuse about why they are being fired except that they suck at their job.
Ran accross a photo of a Santoni shoe on a Nordstrom's link, but they do not seem to sell the shoe pictured. Nor can I find it on Santoni's web page. Anyone know anything about this shoe? http://shop.nordstrom.com/C/6003181/...av&pbo=6005046
Quote: Originally Posted by rabbimark in my experience, I've consistently had the best no-alterations luck with Boss, specifically the James Brown. Flat front, but not made for Hedi Slimane's favorite stick model. Bingo. Same exact pants for me. I just took my Boss "James Brown" model to my tailor to copy in different fabrics. Best fitting pants I own.
I came to appreciate fashion and better clothing via my wife. Not because she dresses me up, but the opposite. She grew up in a culture where the outfits are already pre- color and texture matched (India, Nepal). After coming to the USA, where I met her, she had no idea how to coordinate Western style clothing. She's quite attractive, but when we dressed to go out and she dressed "American" it was often an outright catastrophe; e.g., camoflague pants and a striped...
I don't get the need for these darts. I do not have a tapered shape, but I hate baggy shirts and have a big neck, so needed almost every RTW shirt I own slimmed. My tailor has always done it at the side seam and they look fine whether stripe or solid. IMHO the darts look like someone was inattentive and accidentally sewed through fabric that bunched up under the sewing machine during assembly. I suggest having the stitching taken out of these darts and have a...
Just went there last week. Not a particularly wide selection, and the prices were not marked off that much. On the other hand, there's a Nordstrom Rack at Howe and Arden that ROCKS! I regularly pull out Zanella and Canali pants for prices ranging from $80 to 110. If you're anywhere from a 32 to a 36 waist and need some, there are several in the store now. Likewise the shoe selection at the Rack is much better than Off Saks. Nordstrom had more in size 12 than Saks...
Suggest Nordstrom Rack if there's one nearby. Much better quality available.
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