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CT's slim-fit shirts are shorter than the regular cut. Although I'm overweight (stomach 1" greater than chest diameter) the slims fit perfect, so that might be an option for future orders. And per prior posters, shirt length can be fixed for about $10-15. Since they are tucked out of sight you could even use an 'alterations' person instead of a tailor.
Is it this collar? Can't really tell if the top is rolled or folded/creased from the photos.,...leeve_-_For_Me
Since I knew going into it that this was the case, I have no expectations. I'm sacrificing quick, predictible service to get lower price, better quality, and better selection of fabrics than I've found elsewhere.
Quote: Originally Posted by Infinite42 - and since you've now resorted to ad hominem attacks, STOP SPELLING "JUDGMENT" WITH AN EXTRA "E." I think our beloved Carey has hit almost every logical fallacy known to man in this thread. If he's not a troll, he should be, since he'd make a good one.
When my jeweler had to pull out some kind of special device to tell if a stone was a real diamond or cubic zirconia, I lost all interest in diamonds. If you cannot tell with the naked eye, where is the value? Unfortunately my wife did not lose interest, at least not until she finally realized how much the diamond depreciated as soon as she bought it. I've now made a deal with her that I'll agree to any gold purchase she wants to make since gold tends to appreciate...
Quote: Originally Posted by Carey I don't care how often a garment has been cleaned, someone elses "boys" have been in there for who knows how many wearings. I guess I am just too picky. Yes, you are. Good luck finding a virgin. Even if you find one, she's probably kissed another guy before meeting you.
Quote: Originally Posted by silkpurse I am drawn to the pictures of some Canalis but am possible swayed by good and sympathetic photography. I think Canali rocks. They look better on me than any other cut I've tried.
Those BR shoes are totally unremarkable. To me you may as well get Kenneth Cole or Florscheims for $50 to $125.00. If ther's a Nordstrom Rack or Off-Saks 5th, check them out. They often have Allen Edmonds at about $ 150 to 185. You won't regret it.
Having come of age during the polyester era - 70's - I can assure you it does not retain odor after laundering. The "It Stinks!" and the "It Still Stinks!" exclamations may have had nothing to do with olfactory experiences.
Am looking for something a little less stodgy than the run of the mill shoe, but don't like most 'fashion forward' designs, e.g., elongated elven toes, Ronald McDonald last with or without square toe, etc. However, since I have poor spatial imagination and have to try a shoe on before I can tell if it is a good style, I will definitely not buy it without first seeing it in person and trying it on, given the "mixed" feedback.
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