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Regardless of their fashion status, they are now made in China (I think) and are very uncomfortable.
Quote: Originally Posted by JET I think this is one of those things that's cool to look at but after awhile you'd get fed up with it. +1.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jared Is it absolutely true that no one ever sees the lining? What if you unbuttoned the jacket while sitting and then leaned forward (to get a dish, say)? What if you had the jacket unbuttoned while standing (perhaps this should never happen, but we all have accidents) and stuck your hand in your trouser pocket in a particularly askew way? What if you had to reach something high up and the lapel puckered? I found a...
Quote: Originally Posted by tundrafour Tricking people into putting on velvet blazers is one of the most important items on the Homosexual Agenda. Drove past a bunch of nimrods at some kind of political rally yesterday with signs saying "Keep the Gay Agenda out of schools." All I could think to myself was WTF is tha Gay Agenda?? Well, now it all makes sense. You may not wear velvet blazers to school.
Never tried this knot before seeing this thread, but darn, even my cheap ties are pulling up into a good dimple. The only downside I'm seeing is that it does tend to pull up almost too perfectly. But I'd much rather spend a minute or two tussling to make it less perfect than trying to get a half-windsor to dimple at all.
My overall best shirt buys have been: 1. Nordstrom Rack. I buy for quality and neck size, then have my tailor fit them to me. Shirts run from $7 (clearance) to $50.00 (Canali, Zenga, etc. My tailor charges $22.00 each to bring in the sides and narrow the shoulders, shortening the sleeves at the same time--I negotiated a quantity discount since I've had him do about 25 shirts recently 2. Charles Trywhitt slim fit. They fit well with no alterations. For...
Quote: Originally Posted by seanchai Those big cowboy boots I was wearing in a WDYWT picture a few weeks ago have become a very regrettable purchase. Not really my style anymore, but they're good for getting drunk and running through the underbrush. £100 isn't a good price for that type of shoe though. Thanks for the idea! I had no idea what I was going to do with my stupid cowboy boots. Just not sure I can run in them drunk--will have to...
Quote: Originally Posted by tiecollector Trust me I am no homophobe What a wasted talent since you're so good at it entirely by accident.
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon I couldn't disagree more. As a former SEC enforcement lawyer, of 10 years' service, I say always dress for where you're going, not where you are. That way everyone becomes accustomed to seeing you as ahead of the crowd; as the first among equals. I never once, for even one day, dumbed myself down sartorially for the sake of not showing up the flock. Remember, eagles and lions travel solo; gulls and sheep flock. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by Augusto86 What's wrong with that? Jantzen has some as his fabric samples! Both those are less casual patterns than my regrettables.
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