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Quote: Originally Posted by MrRogers All the chicks in this thread are hot but you have to admit none of them really look 100% indian, save for the posters GF in the first post. I don't think I have ever met/seen a hot 100% indian chick. May just be in their genes, like brits. MrR Anyone who has not seen a hot Indian woman hasn't been looking! After traveling through India and Nepal, whose people very closely resemble Indian, I can tell...
Quote: Originally Posted by thereverend On the topic of Juicy Couture: I don't know if anyone has said this before, but has anyone ever wondered why a "lady" would want to tell the world that she is having a diarrhea problem by wearing pants that say "juicy" right over her bum? Ha! True, it is reported on the posterior, but I've always assumed it was informing the reader of the anterior environment.
Good quality wool, e.g., Zanella or Incotex will wear much better than cord. More versatile too. You can dress down slacks with an open collar shirt, but cords just don't dress up well IMHO. Edit: I find NWT Zanella at $110 all the time.
I suggest you try to cultivate an inside contact. I'm a regular at a nearby Nordstroms Rack & whenever I've asked store personnel when the next really good shipment is due in, they give me a canned response that "We put out new merchandise 2 or three times per week. But then if the cashier recognizes me and is friendly, he/she will tell me the real deal in a low voice, giving me the date when a really big move is coming from the main stores.
Nice research mensimageconsultant. I'm really amazed by how much energy this thread brought out, especially from those who think going to an interview in battered, unpolished shoes would not or should not matter. There are just a few things I consider absolutes to job hunting: 1. Make sure your zipper is up. 2. Polish your shoes. 3. Don't pick your nose or cuss during the interview. Screw any one of these up and you probably won't get hired.
1. Any pants with flaps over the back pockets. 2. Tasseled shoes of any design. 3. White belt / shoes, excepting atheletic shoes. 4. Driving gloves. They strike me as an affectation since my car has a very good heater, and steering the car has never given me blisters. 5. Jeans with gaudy stitching or intentional rips /stains. 6. Pants short enough to show socks while standing-- European high-break be damned. 7. Any kind of hat if not needed for warmth, but...
Quote: Originally Posted by lawyerdad While I applaud the OP's intentions, and believe that at times the forum has and in the future will continue to serve such a function in particular circumstances, I also think that consciously trying to adopt such an "ethos" for the board would prove naive and ineffective. First, I find it highly unlikely that this board can serve as much of a psychological support network. For one thing, the anonymity and public...
I would not be concerned if they were cheap, out of style, or ugly, but unshined would be a real concern. An old boss of mine had a saying; "How you do anything is how you do everything." Unshined shoes at a job interview does not bode well as it could indicate an inattention to detail or perhaps a lack of concern for the opinions others hold of you. But more importantly. it reflects either an ignorant or an uncaring attitude toward employment--neither of which...
Quote: Originally Posted by dirk diggler well, don't do this http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...ADME:B:EF:US:2 Aaaarg, ambushed!
Aaah, the short view of the young. You left out the most radical 'change' stage - 50. 20-25, then 50.
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