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Suggest you try them on in a brick and mortar store first. I have the Haastings, and after a little darkening with cordovan and brown paste to antique them, they really look good.
Quote: Originally Posted by diorshoe has anyone experienced this? you go to nordstrom rack and within the mounds of shoes stacked ontop of one another you see a what seems to be an interesting shoe and when you pull it out, you have a stacey adam or something in your hand and you immediately let go. like as if you got the cooties or you need to quarantine your hand. Worse yet is when you pull one out and it is so absurd looking or abhorrent...
Quote: Originally Posted by JBZ In my experience...yup. If you're going to have a cat or dog, you have to be prepared for the likelihood that things aren't going to be as nice as they otherwise would. It's a definite trade-off for the companionship a pet brings. Reminds me of a cartoon I saw. Picture an old English mansion drawing room with an older upper class couple having tea, with the butler standing at ready. Two dogs are in the...
What city/state was this SFA in?
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 I remember Weejuns from HS 20 years ago. Leather like cardboard. I hate them still. The local Nordstrom Rack has a bunch of them, and if they're on the shelf upside-down they can fool you into thinking you've found a good shoe. But when you pick it up and turn it over the plasticky corrected grain gloss will turn your stomach.
They have twice-yearly sales, Fathers day and I think August, but I don't know of anything aside from that. Yeah, their credit card offers nothing interesting--my regular card already gives 1% on all purchases. They also never mail out discount coupons to credit card holders the way Macys does.
Go to MW and put on the suit you're interested in. Then go directly to Nordstrom or some other store that sells better brands and put on their best quality suit. Your budget will never be the same again.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna It is true that I napped, during some of the Krishna lessons, but it was only because I sipped on the Slivovice before the meeting. Since it was I only converted, due to a romance based on the body, perhaps I should not be surprise to feel my Karma to be sagging. GS, the most I learned, from my Krishna experience, was in this lyric: "fooled myself with love, again and again. Attracted by romance and...
My wife's Hindu. Its an affront to the Gods and all things civilized to walk into a house with shoes on in her culture. Of course there is also cow, dog, chicken, buffalo, and monkey dung everywhere in her country of origin, so as with most cultural injunctions there was a common sense reason for it. But since the carpet will also stay cleaner and last longer even sans dung, yes, I take them off.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaclava krishna Hector, and Mr. Bodner happen to be my friends, and although I am no longer converted, I will use the lesson from my Krishna consciousness, to not let your negative words ruin my holiday celebrations. . Anon and away vaclava, my friend from old, it is your own confusion from holidays misspent that you encounter such negativistically charged karmic return. Betwixt and then necessarily between...
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