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Some less drab ideas: or: I've got a pair of last year's bright yellow with a blue pattern up the side that look great with jeans, but maybe not with those black lumps.
Quote: Originally Posted by gj555 I donate them to charity. I am sure someone who cannot afford one can use the suit. I agree that it is admirable, and am not trying on any way to be disparaging of your efforts. However, it would be infinitely more helpful to sell them on Ebay and donate the proceeds.
I really love the hunt for bargains and hate paying full retail, especially since finding this site. The only exception is high quality jeans. I've never found raw denim or good fitting jeans in my size on sale in brick and mortar stores--the sale items all either have horrible distressing or fit weird. Since I'm too leery of counterfeits to buy high-end denim from the internet, I continue to pay full price.
Quote: Originally Posted by epa I do not think that the problem with the sneakers on the photo on page 2 are the fact that they are sneakers: the problem is rather that they are the wrong sneakers. The Sutor Mantelassi ones would have fitted well, especially if the guy would have been wearing another type of jacket, maybe a light blue linen (or linen&cotton) one with white chalk stripes. Now, what about wearing a tie when wearing...
You're not alone in this mistake. I needed a first suit for a job interview and went to MW as well. Bought their "best" quality suit and left it with them for alterations. Right afterward my wife dragged me to Nordstrom's to look at women's stuff. Wandering around bored, I stumbled into the men's suit area and totally by chance slipped on a Canali. Oooh damn! Exactly like the day I drove my Civic to the BMW dealer and took a test drive. I immediately took out...
Quote: Originally Posted by Ascendancy What kind should I use? My wife uses some stuff she got at a hair salon. One is a liquid, the other is a gel-like paste. It doesn't take out all the curl, but it does take out the frizziness. If she combines these products with brushing while drying, it takes out 80 to 90% of the curl. Any good womens hair salon that sells product can point you in the right direction. I'd suggest staying away...
Quote: Originally Posted by zjpj83 I really don't want to have to buy another bedroom just to store clothes in the City. So what are the best shoe storage options? Anyone have good solutions? Are the racks my best option, and I just have too many clothes? Imagine that, no one suggested he has too many clothes!
Great shoes, really interesting look. But to me tassels are to shoes what black is to suits for most of you guys--a big HELL NO!
Quote: Originally Posted by Tomasso But what if one has unusually long or short arms? Thats me. Right length is clear to the tip of my fingers. (Short arms).
Quote: Originally Posted by kitonbrioni No doubt a steamer will pay for itself many times over and will save your suits from strange hotel cleanings. Small travel models are available, and most will work with european and asian voltages with an adapter for the outlet.
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