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Look through thrift stores for any shirt of any size that has them, buy them and harvest the buttons. Barring that, try http://www.google.com/. Loads of hits.
Nordstrom Rack definitely has a mix of merchandise left over from their stores and lower quality stuff just for the Rack.
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter Don't you guys have a wife/GF to iron your shirts? My wife has every other skill and talent a man could ask for--except she cannot or will not iron clothes right. She claims I'm too picky, but my gawd, she even puts them on the hanger backward sometimes!
There are many choices, most of which are only available to those who are comfortable enough with themselves to ignore, or even thrive on snide remarks; http://www.vknagrani.com/catalog/pro...products_id=48
After you've converted Vietnam into a well-dressed society you can franchise in the USA! Boot cut dress pants???
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter I am not putting forward any theory so far. My only point is: -America has a progressive tax system. -The progressive tax system is a basically a communist idea (not my opinion: it is a historical fact. Check it.) -So America can hardly be called a "pure" capitalist society. QED. I 100% agree. America is not by any means a pure capitalist society. That was my original point--it is an oligarchy. IMHO...
Quote: Originally Posted by LARon Something's just not right when people go about wearing on their feet the skin of our nearest relative in the animal kingdom. That's just wrong. I take offense at that. My parents are my nearest relatives, and neither is a gorilla.
Picture a spear weilding hunter chasing a bison. Now picture a bowlegged spear weilding hunter chasing a bison. My guess is that natural selection will continue to keep bowlegs from predominance.
Quote: Originally Posted by LA Guy It's an Australian brand. The denim weight is about 12-13 ounces, at least the pairs I have seen. The construction is decent, but not worth $200+ in my opinion, especially with brands like 5EP and Rag&Bone, and even Nudie, at the same pricepoints. The back and back pocket detailing is interesting, cosmetically not unlike the detailing on Dior Homme jeans. Thanks for the info. The site I linked above is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Walter Hong Kong under british rule was pretty close from a capitalist society. The American system is manipulated to redistribute wealth upward? I thought the US had progressive tax brackets (a communist idea and demand in the communist manifesto). You're joking, right? Are you sugesting rich people pay any significant portion of their wealth to the tax man? Middle class, yes, truly rich, no, actually hell...
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