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Wow, 11 pair. Never stopped to count until now. No wonder my wife's clenching her jaw when I mention another shoe "need." And yes, this Forum is to blame. I used to think I was stylin' in my Bostonians.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlexP415 I find the staff at Wilkes Bashford to be pretty rude most of the time. Went into Wilkes Bashford for the first time yesterday. I immediately asked a sales person for directions to the 'warehouse sale' area. This drew a derisive sneer from him and directions to the fifth floor. The mens pants table looked like a K-Mart blue light display area after a tornado. My wife and I found a few pair to try on,...
Wouldn't you sit in their chair while they shine them? No reason you couldn't shine them yourself just as quickly, so I don't see any time savings. Even dropping them off somewhere would probably take longer than shining them yourself. I just consider it part of the time it takes to groom in general - shower, shave, brush teeth, shine shoes, etc.
Taryn Rose is a podiatrist who started out making womens shoes that didn't cripple the wearer, but now expanded into mens. Bought the first pair of mine 50% off at a local store. REALLY comfortable shoes, and I get more complements on them than any other pair I own. Liked them so well I wanted more and found a second pair at Grapevine Hill.
My shoes aren't saying anything about me, but they are saying to me; "Oh puhleeezzeee swing me up hard into the ass of whoever picked those people for that article!"
Quote: Originally Posted by dk7m I like the argyle print but it looks a bit clunky Word--wasted effort unless you sit with your feet up a lot so people can see the soles.
Not sure about shoes, but twisted seam denim might draw the eye down the leg and inward in the desired manner.
Quote: Originally Posted by familyman The problem isn't the frilly diaper bag, it's the diaper bag crammed with all the crap that someone else thinks they 'need' to bring with them. It's similar to the difference between mens wallets and womens' purses. Guys just don't need as much stuff. My wife and I argue about this all the time when we go out with little kids. I've got my system. If I'm just going into the store to grocery shop I don't bring in any...
Michael Johnson is not bowlegged and is a bison chasing machine!
IMHO this movie proves the truism that no one ever went broke underestimating the American public.
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