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Quote: Originally Posted by odoreater Looking fresh is overrated in my opinion. I'm always suspicious of the guy who has no wrinkles in any of his clothes. It's like it makes me think the guy doesn't move enough. I remove mine, fold it up and place it on the drivers seat. After sitting on it the entire way to work, it is sufficiently wrinkled that I can goof off all day without my boss becoming suspicious.
Quote: Originally Posted by trogdor Damn, that's funny.
What I know about sewing I learned by watching my mother and grandmother. I bought a machine to do some very simple alterations and also made a couple of things -- fleece hats, sox, and gloves, fleece pullovers. It is also not as simple as it would frst appear. There are speciality machines for more complex work. One such essential machine is a serger [sp?]. Even as a hobbiest you will need one. They are not prohibitively expensive, ($400 and up) but you should...
Quote: Originally Posted by Con Biz Dresser Why do so many of the responses here seem to be hidden behind sarcasm? It's hard enough to detect when people are being sarcastic in person and to understand their true opinion on a sensitive subject such as this but on the internet it is often near impossible from my perspective. While I do feel our business suits are much like the modern equivalent of armor I don't think we should wear them as masks. I do...
Quote: Originally Posted by Razeus Considering the tag says "orginally $169" $149 for the IB's. Still seriously steep for those brands. My local (Sacramento, CA) Nordstrom Rack has them from $19 to $34, depending on quality of the material. I usually avoid Off 5th, as they're really pricy.
Quote: Originally Posted by SGladwell In my life, I've found that one wearing his/her religion on his/her sleeves (whatever religion it is) is a slam-dunk sign of dubious moral character. With a name like "prayerwarrior," I'm quite shocked that any of you didn't expect this kind of behavior. What he said.
I got picky about fit only after I already started buying decent quality shirts. I got my tailor to take in the sides and shorten/narrow the sleeves on 15 shirts for $22.00 each. They turned out fine, but I would not do it again. I now shop two different Nordstrom Rack stores and buy shirts that fit well right off their clearance tables for $20.00 each. If I want a specific color that is never of clearance or a really exceptional fit, I just order from Jantzen at...
Quote: Originally Posted by norcaltransplant An Abridged Tale of Saturday Manton and I discuss the worst towns of Central California. There is general consensus to swap Bakersfield and Austin. Both California and Texas would be much happier with that trade. Oh my God, truer words were never spoken.
That photo is actually from Weekend at Bernies IV. He is quite obviously dead, being held up by the guys on each side of him.
Just after this photo was snapped, a kindly old man saw him standing right in the middle of the road and ran him over to put him out of his misery. The jacket died with him.
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