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Black Tumbled Leather Wing Tip size 8.5 worn 3 times. MSRP: $225.00 Asking $150 with shipping included.
Quote: Originally Posted by oshinex I would bet good money that it is Tom Ford. +1 also +5 for Beyonce
I'd say wear something that is respectful so no "graphic" graphic tees but at the same time you want to make sure you're dressed appropriately for the remainder of the day. Once church is finished you'll probably do something extra curricular so a respectable dress shirt and khakis should do the trick. Hope this helps!
The hardware on the front of the glasses gives off the impression that they might be Paul Smith.
Quote: Originally Posted by johnny_flapjack What do you mean by french collar? +1
I have 8 pair that I actually like and wear.
Looks like you had a blast.
I live in a city with no seasons (Los Angeles) so I wouldn't put a time frame on a khaki suit. But for someone on the East Coast it might be different hence the climate change. As far as Labor day I don't think that applies to khaki, rules like that go in the same category as the no pleat no cuff rule. Simply just preference imo.
Shipton and Heneage "Sherbone" Capless Oxford
Those with fashion knowledge that look down at others trying to learn. At one point you too were taught something asshole
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