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Sizing varies slightly with the suits, but generally a 44 will be on par with a Band of Outsiders xs/0. They're slimmer than a lot of Dior 44s I have.
Does anyone know if this is carried anywhere in an xs? http://www.forwardbyelysewalker.com/fw/DisplayProduct.jsp?code=RERX-MO42&d=Mens
Are there going to be price drops tomorrow or sunday?
I contacted the webstore through both their contact us form and then their e-mail a week later and still haven't heard a response. My question might be somewhat silly, but is it unusual to not receive a response from them?
Are the larger measurements of the winter buttondown reflected in the fit? Or is the extra room made up for by the heaviness of the fabric? Anyone know if it fits bigger/smaller/the same as the other shirting?
Is this for the pair or just one sneaker?
Yeah, I've had those in mind and it's pretty much exactly what I'm looking for, but is it silly that I'm holding out for something of a higher quality? Just want one of those "last a lifetime" boots.
Anyone have any recommendations for something similar in aesthetic to these common projects combat boots, but will actually last and have a chunkier heel (like an inch or more)? If it helps I'm also in love with the ccp side zips, but I wish they had a laced boot version.
Anyone have any sizing info on these Carpe Diems?
He's been wearing these for years. I think I first remember looking into them back in 2006 or 2007. Here's him wearing the same ones before they were nearly as distressed in 2008: http://cdn01.cdn.justjared.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/06/gosling-muscles/ryan-gosling-muscles-03.jpg They're not All Saints. I remember reading in an interview or write up that they were simply Canadian military boots. Here's a close up that might help you i.d. them:...
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