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I have a size 46 on the way to me right now. I'll let you know if it doesn't work out fit wise.
What size are you looking for?
Sorry, they're black.
If anyone is interested in a pair of Slim Dungarees in a 29 (which are sold out), let me know. I've got an unworn pair.
I contacted the webstore about the air jacket's stock (after not receiving a response for a week using their contact form I emailed them and received a response the next day). They said it was, "no longer available," which, along with it appearing to be out of stock in every size over night, leads me to believe their were issues putting it into production?I didn't realize the workshirts were taken off the site! I really wanted the double pocket static.
Are donuts becoming the new common projects?
Pretty sure they were $85, or at least the navy quilted one was.
I got a navy quilted hat that I realized my head is too big for and a flannel shirt in a medium that I may part with if anyone's interested.
Barneys as of last week had the Richard blazer and pants in gray, the charcol wool t with the purple trim, the plaid dress shirt in charcoal, a white dress shirt with thin black stripes, and some gray jeans. Maybe one or two other things that I can't remember. And then they had a rack of seconds too.
I'm finding the same issue with the sizing of the suits.
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