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No xs duffe or transparent medic coatl!
Any word on when the Obsidian denim will be restocked?
We might be talking about different appearances. In the lip sync battle here he's definitely at least wearing an slp t-shirt.
Pretty sure only the t-shirt and jeans are slp, right? The blazer has ribbed cuffs.
Are both pictures the 48? It looks good in the first picture, but in the second with your arms down it looks like you could try a 46.
Dr Martens Dalton Boots, but Balmain does have similar designs.
How big is the zipper pocket on the Rue? Does is connect to the kangaroo hand pockets? Is it big enough to fit a paperback book?
So brave.
I just called and they said they may have only started their order at Large since that's the smallest he was seeing for the whole collection, but I assume all the smaller sizes were sold out?
I have a size 46 on the way to me right now. I'll let you know if it doesn't work out fit wise.
New Posts  All Forums: