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Anyone have sizing advice for golden goose? I tried to search the forum and google it but didn't come up with much. I'm a 43 in common projects, 44 in MMM GATs, and 11 in Nike.
What a day. What a lovely day!
Rick Owens at The Corner.
Anyone know when the stretch denim's getting released?
Anyone have this or know if there was 100% cotton version? The few places I could find it list the composition as 55% cotton 45% lyocell, but I just got one that seems perfect in every way (quality and authenticity wise), except the tag reads 100% cotton and the reference number is different than what farfetch lists for the style. It's instead the same as this shirt... Here's the tag on mine.
Incredibly misinformed.
"...a small ball of fibers that forms on a piece of cloth."
No xs duffe or transparent medic coatl!
Any word on when the Obsidian denim will be restocked?
We might be talking about different appearances. In the lip sync battle here he's definitely at least wearing an slp t-shirt.
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