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Hey Guys, Quick question for you, I saw these shoes : I like the style and look of them, but from what I've read on here $250 for CH's is not worth it. That being said, any recommendations on where I can get something like that? Style/Color? I really would like to stay under $300 if it's a good quality pair, but if it's something like the CH's around $100-$125 seems...
Quote: Originally Posted by gqreader239 im paying $10 for slimming the arms, waist, and hemming the shirt tails. Any chance you're in Toronto?? Thanks for the input guys.
Hey Guys, Just got a couple new shirts, but I think the sleeves need to be slimmed (maybe even shortened). On average, what cost should I expect when trying to get this done? Shirts are relatively inexpensive ($25) so I was just curious what to expect before going to a tailor. Thanks for your input
Hey, I'm going to Chicago for a New Years party too. Which one are you going too?? Not to thread jack, but what is the opinion on a Charcoal Grey suit for an occasion like this? Thanks Guys
Hey Guys, Just bought 2 suits for work. Nothing fancy, a Claiborne and and Hilfiger. Can someone recommend me a good tailor in the GTA who can do the pants adjustments. Only thing is I need to try and get them done by Sunday. Also, what is the genereal opinion here about suits made by Clairborne and Tommy Hilfiger? Good, bad or ugly? Thanks for your help
Quote: Originally Posted by andreyb2 Pardon my ignorance, but what S&G stands for? ANdrey Yeah, whats S&G Chambray? Sorry, new here and just curious.
Second question I forgot to ask. I have a couple of older suits, cheaper ones (Jones New York, and some other Bay brand) that I spend a couple hundred on. They need to be adjusted, is it worthwhile to do it? What would the avg. cost be to fix the jacket?
Hey Guys, Been a long time reader, first time poster. Here is my situation, I want to purchase my first MTM suit. Now i've been reading and I was wondering a few things: 1. There is a difference between a MTM suit with a local tailor who can do it themself and within a couple of weeks as opposed to someone who measures and sends it away. Does anyone know of a few places which provide the first service? And is there a huge difference? 2. What fabrics and other...
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