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There are 5-7 pairs of Tom Ford Suede Loafers at Holt Renfrew Last Call at Vaughan Mills. They are all smaller sizes. Also a pair of John Lobbs in a 7.5, oxblood colour. Could not see price on them as they are in the case.
Totally unintentional. The server was completely distracted and never really focused. It seems like despite there being multiple people in the room he was the only one actually taking orders.
Had dinner at Fishbar on Ossington. I don't understand the recent reviews and hype. While the food was servicable, it was expensive and the service was inattentive to flaky at best. I would not recommend or return when there are so many other places in the same price range ($150 for 2) that have better food and wines.
Quote: Originally Posted by fwiffo Is bring your own wine ever good in Toronto? I think it is only worth while if you have something rare or expensive and how much of a mark up on teh wines on the menu are. There are places that have specials on corkage. My meal at scaramouche this week was well executed and tasted good, but was not at the same level as george.
Have a dinner coming up at scaramouche. Any suggestions for must have dishes? Also recently visited george and had a great meal. It was a modified tasting menu. Best thing is that they accommodate specific tastes and provide distinct menus for each person.
Holt Renfrew Last Call - Vaughan Mills From last week, sorry can't remember all of the details. A few pairs of John Lobbs, a black loafer - smaller size think an 8, oxblood brogued toe in a 10.5 $679. A few pairs of tom ford suede shoes - smaller sizes.
I've had good luck with a SA. He calls when sales are on and price adjusted a sport coat that I bought earlier in the season when it went on sale without me even asking hen I was in buying things on sale. I bought a MTM suit, that arrived 4 weeks late and they gave me a gift card for about 20% of the value. While expensive, OK prices can be found and it does help to shop at the same store with the same person.
Ate at Lee last night. Very good. Singapore Slaw - incredible Chow Mein - very good Salmon Cerviche - ok Green Curry Chicken - ok Deserts - Assortment of ice cream/sorbet - very good flavours / creme caramel and black rice pudding - very goood 2 cocktails and a beer Lots of good looking options on menu.
Since you are at square one, it may be worth a trip over to the heartland centre to the harry rosen outlet. Just be careful and know what things cost and are on sale for.
For smoked meat also try the free times cafe, they have goldins. It is good, but different than caplanskys. I'm a caplanskys original from the monarch days, but will give a nod to goldins.
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