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hello! I am looking to buy 4-5 or more winter formal suits in various colors but they are for work, so i need them to be really inexpensive do you know any place that I could shop? below 80 USD each, would be ideally I dont care much about actual quality or design, I just need them not to look cheap thanks!
no one???
hello! I am looking for wool pyjamas, or generally the warmest possible they should have elastic arm and leg openings is there any? thanks!
hello! I am looking for a distressed-look wool jeans not with holes and stuff, only colored like been distressed is there any? thanks!
I am looking for pants like these too I tried on these cheap monday's chinos on a fashion outlet, the color was excellent, the fit was horrible (slim at legs and huge waiste), the fabric was amazingly lightweight, ideal for summer, but unfortunately it had already an annoying pile (I am sure they would become horrible after few weeks of wear) so are there any similar pants?
hello is there a way to tie shoe laces in a way that the knot wont be visible? like this? thanks
yeap, that must be, however searching for such shirts, returned only some promo shirts that look like pyjamas, nothing compared to the firstly posted shirt have you seen such shirts anywhere? these shirts would be so nice for spring and summer, for those that don't want (or can't, because of their job) to follow strictly sporty summer style, nor to dress very formal, and I wonder why most shirt shops and manufacturers don't have them
hello I am looking for longsleeved shirts with SOFT collar, that is a little "wide" and that it is "low", something like this: do you know where I can find such? or how to search for this style? (don't know how it is called) thanks
hello can you tell me please where I can find a jacket exactly like this of Pete Doherty? it is black soft nappa leather, relatively short, with jersey (or something) at the waist and cuffs, relatively slim (but not too skinny) there are only two external pockets (no pockets on chest etc) and neck is regular, not funnel or anything and there are no apparent decorating stitches on chest, shoulders etc apart from the necessary I hope I can find one exactly...
New Posts  All Forums: