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hello! I am looking for a tailor that I will send him fabric and a trousers and he will produce a trousers from that fabric Is there any good one that will do it cheaply? I find at to offer trousers for 60 including shipping AND fabric! So I am looking for a proportional price when I provide my own fabric by the way, I am in uk thanks!
hello! I am looking for a formal shirt I want it white with black squares (not sure how is this called) the lines of the squares must be as thin as possible the dimensions of the squares must be around 1cm, which means not very small, but not very large either can anyone find that for me please? I don't know how to search for it exactly, plus my search so far revealed nothing thanks!
can I have all of them, 10-20ml of each?
yes, they do mostly slim fit and no size above 36! I wear 42 UK waist!
hello! I am looking for heavyweight wool trousers formal looking, as I need them for the office, not casual no pleat and no slim fit I would like a blue/navy color and size 42x31 example of color: is there any? I cannot find! please help! thanks!
that was clever of yours
hello! I am looking for men boots without heel, with zippers and with slim fit, for example: I also like Lonsdales stuff, but there isn't one with zippers leather prefered any hint? thanks! EDIT: I am looking for something exactly like these: but in leather however, these ones are diving boots!
hello I am looking for a leather jacket, with hood that is hidden and you put it out only when it rains. how can I search for it in google? I can't seem to find what I am looking for thanks!
any please? I need heel-less slim-fit (tight fit) boots
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