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hello! I am looking for such shoes but all black (sole also black) and leather top. Can you tell me please where to buy them? or how to search for them? Plimsolls doesn't find anything. thanks!
Levi's is the most horrible brand.The material is so thick and hard that it's unbearable
no reply???????????????
hello! can you tell me please where to find jeans like that: 1) very soft and thin 2) very comfortable design, not low rise, tight or anything, but wide and comfortable fit thanks!
hello! I am looking for no pleat regular fit trousers in linen of color INDIGO or DENIM! not jeans, regular linen trousers but in indigo! something like this: any help? thanks!
I mean loafers mm burgundy is indeed a good suggestion any others? budget is unlimited
hello! I bought this trousers. I am also looking for lightweight summer trousers in similar color indigo/denim if you can find for me!? but what color of moccasins can I match them with? I may consider black or brown but also there are tons of other colors in suede moccasins! Any good recommendation? thanks!
hello! http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4436/products/8005446982_5de4c44607_b_1024x1024.jpg can you tell me please where to find trousers like this 42x31 ? it must be wool blue/navy like that or where to find fabric? thanks!
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