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hello! http://cdn.shopify.com/s/files/1/0184/4436/products/8005446982_5de4c44607_b_1024x1024.jpg can you tell me please where to find trousers like this 42x31 ? it must be wool blue/navy like that or where to find fabric? thanks!
hello why I cannot post on "New Forum Support" forum? I wanted to ask something that has to do with the forum itself I would like to receive in my email only about new threads in the "marketplace" forum, but also I would like to view the title, the text and the photos! because now I get some titles, usually a brand and a size, but I have no clue what is item being sold! and it's inconvenient to visit the forum to open each of the new threads to check! thanks!
FYI I figured out that the style I am aftere is called "flight bags" ! searching with the correct terms on google is much more helpful
hello! I have various ideas for men shoes and I am looking for partners to start a business if you know fashion business, how to make shoes, have ideas, or whatever you think could be helpful drop me a msg! thanks!
come guys, any help???
this is the width I am looking for but much thinner lines
Mmm yes but It doesn't look square but rectangular Also a bit larger would be better maybe 2cm? Where you found that?
search in google?first link is this http://ambrosi-napoli.tumblr.com/this is the one?
well, do you have any other to suggest?and I really hope for more sensible answers
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