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Quote: Originally Posted by acidicboy All "what should I wear to my job interview" thread sucks lol yeah, those are annoying. i'm not sure i'd want to work for someone in which the dominant factor in their decision making was what exactly the person was wearing (if it was related to the job, like working for a luxury-brand company, or anything else that involves a good eye then i could understand)
this is some sort of runway show right?
hey guys, how did the party go?
Quote: Originally Posted by farfisa23 Y'all think Yoox is going to have a deeper after xmas sale? also, I can't find any of the hidden codes anywhere on the site. A little help. just about everyone will have an after christmas sale. those are probably the best sales of the year, because whats left over is usually the aftermath of the holiday rush.
something you have to remember about ebay is that eBay is not a store the way Chanel is a store. they are merely a listing service. like the landlord of a marketplace-store, but they don't manage the actual store. so you have zillions of different merchants there, some of them good, some of them bad. you have to be very particular about which exact sellers you are buying from, as opposed to searching the term and picking up an item from any random seller. every time you...
do you like your shoes that way? long and pointy
when you have even the slightest doubt on anything, dont pick it up. it's better to have peace of mind than to save a little money. are you thinking about buying that online? if the authenticity concerns you that much you should just pick one up at the official store.
i have heard many good things about clothes made with bamboo, but hearing about bamboo underwear REALLY got my attention... that is interesting, thank you for that, i won't forget it
^ to make things worse, i have some additional insight for you. i use to work at big 5 sporting goods, in which we quite frequently would witness customers trying on shoes commando-style. and most of the employees didnt really care enough to do or say something about it, so they always brushed it off as, "eh." it doesn't concern me personally because i am extremely particular about my shoes and the store i get them through. i am willing to pay extra for good quality...
very nice sunglasses, i like that particular shade/color. but you said you were thinking about buying it in gold? i think that color right there is just fine. 250 for sunglasses aren't bad. 250 is a good deal considerng the average price on their online catalog is about 350. and your getting them new right?
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