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it is bad marketing for ralph lauren, for their sports-flags shirts to be made anywhere other than the country that it's sporting. it is a bit of a turn off to show your american pride, when the shirt is not made in usa
that is impressive, i'm surprised you even took those shoes out there. i use my brooks running shoes for most things, which have really took a beating in the short time period i have had them. i would not have taken expensive boots up to the snowing mountains! mine look a lot like this, but substitute the green for light brown, and their not prada, their ecko.. i think
did anyone already mention macys offering 50-65% off?
Quote: Originally Posted by JoelF ^ What I saw at that party all you guys are skinny as shit. And you all snore too? i guess that'll make me one of the beefier attendants at the next one. they'll all be horrified lol
that is a surreal deal. after christmas sales-always the best sales of the year
so i imagine you are either in love with or annoyed by the slits! grapevine-grapevine, lol
i bought a gold silk tie when i was 13, and have fallen in love with silk ties since. heck, i still wear it today! hehe
is it the reflection of the flash throwing me off, or do i see a tint of cherry red?
nataku, you got great taste! i like the shoes, the color and design. they are casual, yet, something you can also wear at a semi-formal event. but that light blue jacket... how did it wind up so crumpled?
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