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Posts by dbtbandit67 this looks good although i definitely would not pay that price for it
Quote: Originally Posted by Timbaland Levi's are the only jeans I know of in that price range really. i'd have to agree
i was never a fan of shoes that are overly long (seems to be the trend these days), these shoes are just that AND their rugged boots AND i can't get over that color. i dont like the.... "worn down" look of the top half of it
Quote: Originally Posted by mdg137 Looking for suggestions-- Im looking for just simple navy and charcoal, 3 piece, SB, dual vent, two-button suits. Fully canvassed, with some hand work if possible. Nothing extravagant, nothing super fashion forward. Anyone have any suggestions? Ive looked everywhere I can think of, but not, Im sure everywhere you can think of! you should also include your budget. cause there will probably be...
ralph lauren. "clean" is a good way to describe the clothes
i'm not sure what you mean, that suit looks great. next time you take a pic, include the shoes you're going to wear
i cant really answer you there, except you were right not to have bought them
Quote: Originally Posted by AvariceBespoke Another user in a different thread stated the following I thought was interesting: "Mercs used to be great - well built and reliable. Now they have reduced the quality of build and the reliability. They are pimp mobiles for corporate wannabes - accountants, lawyers and bankers. A British gentleman drives a Bristol, a Morgan, TVR, Lotus, an old MGB (e.g. Tom Mahon) or even a pre-BMW Mini...
soulstylist, your outfit is just missing one thing.. a big smile! turn that frown upside down lol... but really, nice clothes. it looks like you're going to go to a "wine and cheese" event
none, i hate the look. and i guess i was just born with sensitive skin, because i cannot keep a wrist-watch on for the life of me! it makes the area of my skin really itchy, that steel pressing against my skin, i just need to take it off. and i think a really good watch just draws too much attention away from the rest of your outfit
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