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Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl Their pima cotton sweaters are nothing special. The prima cotton, now that is good stuff, like prime rib. nice screen name. i got watchmen for christmas!
if a budget is your problem, then try picking up used ones on ebay. you are going to have to put in a little work to find the exact ones that you want. then you have to make sure you get it from a seller that has completed many transactions, high feedback, good pics (so you can spot a fake) and that offers a return policy if you are willing to put in a little work, put up with a used pair, the tradeoff are quality discounted jeans
they fit great! if you want you can add some squats to those arm-curls that your doing, to fill in the bottom lol
did you buy from a seller that offered a return policy? i'm not sure it'd be fair to dispute it if the jacket was as described, and you bought from someone that didn't offer a return policy. also, i am guessing you bought the jacket discounted for what it would have cost at a store brand new. you'd have to expect some sort of wear and tear off a cheap used jacket. why dont u try dry-cleaning it first and see how it feels then?
cant really answer you there, except yes there probably will be some sort of sale, esp. with the sluggish economy (trying to get rid of inventory!) i mainly wanted to comment here to tell you how jealous i am that you are going to london! i have been there twice. the ice cream is to die for! (i'm not sure what exactly it was i got or where i got it, but it was splendid!) my favorite part of london are all the squares scattered around the city.... i think i went to...
oh yes, very nice shoe, merry christmas! but next time get all angles of the shoe, those first two pictures, the view was very restricting
i would just forget it altogether, it looks like an altar-uniform, and length aside the quality looks so-so and it looks very thin (coats are suppose to keep us warm right?) if you're going to cut it, maybe 3 inches higher than where the tape is
no mention of athletic shoes? gotta go with my brooks running shoes! style forum junkies have to stay in shape to fit into all those tight-ass clothes lol
ralph lauren is my favorite brand. money clips dont necessarily replace wallets, they can supplement them. like paying for something at a bar, especially when you're already seated. it's a pain to reach around the back of your pants and put it back again. with a clip, you can keep it in your jacket pocket, and its quick access to your cash. and that clip looks ballin! are you going to get it?
aw, you couple of sweethearts! congrats of finding true happiness
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