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i'll never understand how long toe-ends ended up being the in-thing these days
i would just pay someone, someone good, someone i have experience with/someone i trust, to clean them for me as opposed to me doing it myself. i manage an apartment building part time, and the previous owners tried doing everything themselves to save money. now the place is falling apart cause they were bad at it. sometimes it's worth the money to hire labor.
it is a lovely bag. but i'm not sure how i'd feel about an expensive briefcase/luggage, just the basic concept of it. they are things that you want to be able to haul around and not think much of, so of course they are going to sustain a beating and some wear and tear. i'd hate to have another thing to be concious of
robin i dont get it, you purchased what is exactly shown on the magazine? even the girl? did you get that scarf too? it's very.... big
perhaps something like these? http://www.thewalkingcompany.com/com...ource=category
have you tried online matchmaking? i am a regular in another forum (dominanted by girls) and you'll be surprised how many tried it, worked out for them, and think very highly of it. the bad rap that it gets is unfair. a lot of ppl aren't into clubs and bars. and online, you get to vet them, and get to know them first before going on dates, which is something you can't do with traditional means of dating. give it a try!
looks like a quality jacket, but i disagree with the look. with the belts and the buttons that grab attention. it is too flamboyant.
maybe you should look into designing your own clothes? maybe you got some ideas that haven't been implemented yet.
a potentially 900 dollar mistake with a history of returning items you made the right decision
Quote: Originally Posted by Night Owl Their pima cotton sweaters are nothing special. The prima cotton, now that is good stuff, like prime rib. nice screen name. i got watchmen for christmas!
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