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my fanny pack. they are useful
why pretentious alpha males always got to get the last word fragile egos, sheesh
Quote: Originally Posted by Connemara This is so eerie. Today the new roommate moved in. He is a graduate student from out-of-town, but he is going to be working in the governor's office over the summer. As if that weren't a big enough coincidence, he tells me that he interned in the U.S. House last year. The communications director for his Member worked on the same campaign as me last fall, and after I mentioned that campaign he goes, "You didn't know...
Quote: Originally Posted by pseudonym The thing about it is that I hate office jobs and the whole cubicle mess. I've already done a bank internship, and the only reason I'd do it again is for the pay. there you go, that's a start. you know what your not willing to do which puts you ahead of the rest let me rephrase the question differently.. what do you like doing in your spare time? your on the style forum so i'm assuming something...
anywhere in the middle east
a good relationship with God No Country for Old Men the novel posting on message boards, taking my mind off things making money managing apartments
if i were you, i'd ask yourself, "what EXACTLY do i want to do for a living" and/or "who EXACTLY do i want to work for" before addressing these college issues. take it from an old-timer like me, you'll save yourself years of wasting away "oh, i dont know, work for a big corporation working whatever job my major let's me do" is not even close to being a sufficient answer. and that's the problem with 95% of business majors
what about these? http://www.eyewearandsunglasses.com/...&categoryID=55
who knows. a lot of boxing fans have never boxed themselves. you can say the same about fans of every sport. i myself dont like ufc. all the laxed rules was suppose to make the sport pure, but instead the fights come off as very ghetto and unprofessional hopefully we're going to see paquiao v. mayweather next year
Quote: Originally Posted by changeofpace Just ordered these: Though I normally take a US 10.5, I got the UK 9, to size down 1/2 size, as per the advice in the PS shoe thread. Hope it works out. very nice shoes!
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