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lol a good number picking 4-5. animals
Gran Torino Hero (Jet Li)
hopefully the Spurs pick up Big Baby Glen Davis
this music video
Quote: Originally Posted by Mute And a couple from my gun collection: Now those are some fine guns
i could go for a back massage right now
it was worth a netflix rental but i cant reccommend paying for a movie ticket to see it, unless its between that or transformers the directing and acting was solid, but mann should have picked a better script. it doesnt even compare to Heat
michael mann should contemplate a tv mini-series he's the best director out there that specializes in police dramas
Paul Thomas Anderson used "Blister in the Sun" for one of his trailers for Punch Drunk Love. It was so well done, it got me to see the movie
Quote: Originally Posted by matadorpoeta the cradle of civilization? the center of destruction
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