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yes, i would go with the brooks brothers. tuxedo's are very limited to certain types of events, you are not going to wear them as often as you are going to wear a suit.
i picked up a good fluffy black jacket in target the other day. just don't tell people you got it there. (but i do anyways cause i don't care!)
to be honest with you, i am not a fan of either jacket. but considering the options, i will go with the first one. it has a collar, the lack of collar on the RL makes it look weird. plus the barbour is a better color. this is a bit out there for a Ralph Lauren piece, his stuff is usually more conservative. in general, i am a fan of Ralph Lauren
i don't like it. it says unisex, but because of the length/cutoff i think it looks much better on a girl than a guy, cause the cutoff is like a sort of skirt. and towards the end, it gets a little bit wider, just a little bit, which doesnt make it look very masculine. i'm not a big fan of coats in general.
Ralph Lauren. I think it has been around for a very long time and may come off as old, boring, institutionalized. But it's like a good old classic movie: never gets old in time. I like the feel, the clean/classical/traditional look. In a world where everyone is trying to look different, maybe looking classical is what will stand out.
actually, yes. vests/sweaters/untuck tshirts sounds like a great solution to this problem. it's far better than sagging your pants.
mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm scotch on the rocks. scotch is very strong when it goes down your throat, and i still haven't gotten use to it. but economically, it is the most cost-efficient at getting you drunk. so it is a winner to me, hee-hee
plax going down must have really hurt you. were you able to adjust? but injuries happen. which is why i never stop looking for ways to improve my fantasy teams regardless of performance. it gives you a buffer for when hard times do occur.
sexy ad. but there's a problem. it's very sexy. TOO sexy. it is a better ad for something exotic, like a lingerie brand or perfume. the goal of this ad is to turn people off from wearing fur. innately, this ad doesn't turn anyone off... well.. it might lol
i do not have any ill-will towards lawyers. my beef is at the overall legal system. in general, "taking things to court, "is a form of government intervention. and i am opposed to excessive intervention, which seems to be what's going on these days with everyone being so lawsuit-hungry, trying to become rich. and conversely with those that posess, that try to oppress those without posessions. translation: whenever possible to settle things out of court, i believe it...
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