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good mention of water, but you forgot to mention skim milk
am i the only one here trying to discourage OP from taking any more of this stuff? yes i discourage it, esp. knowing all the guys that i did that lifted with me that were on similar stuff
im not sure if it was by design or not but that jacket looks too worn down and i dont like the random brown on the left collar
my word, their atrocious even the logos on the normal shirts look tacky. i hate how they pop out on its own surface as opposed to just being embedded in with different coloring on the cotton
sounds too pricy for something you can't get custom fit (which sucks for me cause i have broad shoulders but the arm length on them is usually too long)
i think you'll feel uncomfortable in ralph lauren clothing, unless you want it to be tight at the arms
how comfortable are these shoes? i dont think i've ever owned a pair quite like these
i dont know why it's one or the other. different clothes for different occassions i guess if i was forced to choose i'll choose whatever i feel most comfortable in, which would be the athletic fit
so you went from waiting tables there to being a member there where you waiting tables while you were in medical school? i dont think its worth it. save your money.
if you only had all the money upfront for the condo you could talk them down even more "(dollar amount) for this condo (which will be like 35% discounted) or the deal is off" then you show them a check for that amount... balla lol
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