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there aren't a whole lot of shoes that have my size which will be 8 1/2 - 9 EE for under $100 if you can find dozens you're more than welcomed to post the links here
these just arrived in the mail today i am a 8 1/2 EE and they fit exactly to that measurement which is the problem with my brooks running shoes it's ok to wear my exact size because the material is really soft and stretches. leather doesnt exactly fit that description. they were air-tight. what do you call that thing that wedges your foot in? i needed one of those badly, i broke out a sweat just getting them on. at...
As someone that has very few clothes I get annoyed every time I read "wash with like colors" because i dont have enough colors to justify a full-on wash. I own a pair of khakis from GAP that i really like and i'm starting now to take care of my clothes but i cant wash with like colors because i dont have enough clothes of that color. So i feel like it's either I hand wash it or just fork over the money and put it in the washer/dryer by itself any thoughts?
i have broad shoulders and am not very tall (5'7") and find that long sleeve shirts that are comfortable around my neck/shoulders are too long on the arms, but when i get a smaller size for shorter sleeves it then feels tight all-around. i have the same problem with suit jackets. any suggestions? hoping to avoid getting tailored stuff here.
post pics. it'll help
if she had other uses other than just standing there and i was guaranteed a certain amount of action every week, i'd consider it
anything that tips well car valet at a hotel or something
water and merlot
lol you baller great pics. a lot of care when into that dinner, i can tell. typical style forum guy eh?
no i dont think you should. there will be areas across your upper body that are still hairy other than your chest and it'll just feel out of place. plus shaving it repeatedly is going to become a chore not uless it guaranteed you more action from your GF lol
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