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Kicked my manager in the face. (accidently)
[quote=turboman808;1581450]My brother bought one this year and put a celica GTS motor and transmission in it. By the end of winter it should be faster then a lotus elise and spent maybe 15 grand on the whole thing. Biggest complaint with the celica, MR2 and the elise is the motors high cam cross over. It's so fucking high in the rev range and even with the 6 speed it falls down low enough to get out of the high cam. For twisty roads the MR2 is great fun. You sit...
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy You know what? You're right. The fact that this thread is in General Chat and the other one is in Fine Living makes it completely different. My point exactly!
Quote: Originally Posted by Hany It's a great car....for me to poop on EPIC!
Quote: Originally Posted by username79 Did you have a vanity plate on it as well? That would be the ultimate ghey. The Hoff!
I used to have an '03 mr-2 spyder!
Quote: Originally Posted by Stazy What an original thread! Oh, lighten up man.
Here is a few more pictures
Quote: Originally Posted by turboman808 have 2 convertibles, both 2 seaters. One mid engine one front engine. I would like to get a luxury saloon car next. I feel bad whenever I go out to dinner with my family and friends I always have to drive someone elses car. I used to have a mid engine 2 seat convertible.....but it became friends with a deer....
Quote: Originally Posted by FLMountainMan Two Jeep Wranglers. One has a hardtop, one has no top. If it's cool outside I love being "that guy" - the idiot wearing a suit and tie driving a caked-in-mud, topless Wrangler. Awesome, +10 in my book man.
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