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Quote: Originally Posted by Mentos Overall, taste of posters has improved because the body of knowledge is deeper, thanks to archived topics -- noobs can learn faster. With respect to the elite circle of heavy posters, taste has not necessarily decreased, but has come to seem almost irrelevant -- there's a lot less serious talk of clothing and almost all noise. Each of us only has so much to say, after all, and I'd be thrilled to hide several...
I think it is nice to see the positive enthusiasm here. No one has voted critically.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff It isnt just taste levels because these can vary due to time/place/manner/crowd but the little Koffee Klatch here is too ignorant, too anal, too sissy, too nerdy and too bullying. They've hurt my feelings on a number of occasions and I think it stinks. Is this true?
Since the other poll is only for old-timers, this poll is open to everyone. Do you think people on this site have good style? Bonus points if you explain why.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 No, but unless you were a long-time lurker, you would know only what SF is like now, not what it was like then. That's why I specifically said that I like it now. I can't compare it to three years ago, since I wasn't here then. Maybe I'll look at some old posts and vote again.
Quote: Originally Posted by dah328 Six votes. Two by people here longer than 3 years. Just because I haven't been posting here for so long doesn't mean I can't have an opinion.
Ha! I'm in the lead.
I am new (less than a year), but I like how people here have good taste in clothes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Film Noir Buff Yes, very much like this. I like this version too. If I were to make one again, I think id do it in cashmere with tweed-like patterns. I like this one, too. The colors are more harmonius and subtle, but it still has as many patches. I also like how he rolled his sleeves outside the jacket.
Quote: Originally Posted by dv3 Wearing a black belt makes him a total asswipe. Quote: Originally Posted by Douglas +1. He looks like a sanitation worker. First of all, it is not a real person's outfit. He is a model. Second, it is a Hicky freeman ad, and that is a good brand, so I don't think so.
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