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I bought one from End and before it showed up Fed Ex was calling me asking what it is, if the person who sent it is the person who made it, etc. I also had to fill out a form and send it in. Now, $79 later, here I am. Never had a problem with Royal Mail.
A three-year study of Mallory's clothing found it to be just fine:
I like Cranes as well, I would've handled it different is all. Fair enough.
Crane's missed a chance to take the high road here. I wouldn't refer to it as "bitching", and it would have been better to just explain what's happening / why it's not true.
For the ones who care, bought the Saturdays Tommy Chino shorts and a t-shirt, and the New Balance canvas sneakers, and all were listed as made in the USA, but they're actually from China. Again, for those who care.
On Choosy Beggar, there is this comment about the sale: "Because every penny earned will go to the relief efforts, visitors will be encouraged to pay above list price, or offer monetary donations."
Does anyone know who's stocking the peacoat in navy cotton?
Where is Timpo to post pics of everything for lazy people like myself?
The sleeve length on the coats does look short.
If anyone is on the fence about the Donegal Cardigan from Fisherman Out of Ireland, don't be, it's great. Thanks Gary.
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