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[quote=willpower;4076472] Quote: Originally Posted by polo votarient It really doesn't matter what you say. You can say "Hi, I know it's not easy meeting strangers, but so what, let's try". Or "You look bored. Game of tic tac toe?". "Hi, I came over to flirt with you, so let's get started. Ready? You go first" Even "Remember me?" will work. It's confidence or lack of confidence that the girl will pick up on, not the words you blurt out. You do...
Quote: Originally Posted by Boston Tweed While these hours suck, if his Cold Stone is like most ice cream shoppes, I'm guessing he enjoys some other perks like working with college age women which might make up some of the difference... Haha, as nice as it is to work with college girls, I see more cuties as customers. And as the owner, I'm not sure where or how to cross the line between customer and potential date. A few women have displayed...
Quote: Originally Posted by TyCooN How much do you enjoy the lifestyle? My previous deskjob (Tech Job) had similar hours, so I guess I'm used to it, my social life revolves around my work more now tho I can actually still go to the gym every night after we close (10p). So its not too bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos There was a time when I seriously considered buying a few franchises as a supplemental cash flow investment. I did a moderate amount of homework on the topic before realizing that it's a shitload of work. It's not uncommon for a franchise owner to physically manage the operation, and possibly even work in the store, for 70+ hours a week. I decided against the idea unless/until I am big time enough to buy a few...
Quote: Originally Posted by iroh If you are running to lose weight, then why not just eat less food and not run at all, instead of eating the food and running off the weight. The first option saves you money from buying less food, and time, by not having to spend it running. bone density
anyone know what shoe this is?
[quote=greekgeek;2607787] Quote: Originally Posted by Guero True, but the makers of most bicycle-toe shoes do not appear to be aware of that. My vote is a definite no. This is the new square-toed shoes. They are mostly mass-produced, ubiquitous, cheap and seen on all too many "business casual" wearing fellows with no coat, no tie, and a ratty white t-shirt poking up through their slouchy collars. That and they remind me of the zippered boots I used to...
Quote: Originally Posted by TGPlastic Make sure not to transfer the fungus to your balls. lol. But seriously, have you tried washing with plain old soap? Maybe try some cold water after, the bacteria/fungus on your feet could be thermophilic.
I have too many black shoes man, if those wingtips weren't black, I woulda bought it at400~
Quote: Originally Posted by mack11211 Yes. Ty sir. Imma noob in these things Quote: Originally Posted by DocHolliday Forecast calls for sunny skies and no chance of those ever not being horrendous. Haha. How long will this forecast hold true?
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