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Lol Michael balm way to lose it over something insignificant. I don't really care what happened but for someone who complains about publicly disclosing private matters you have just shown how hypocritical you are. Also you look like a little bitch if that really is you. Peace out.
anyone else know what phatetic means?
Price drop.
I received my inventory gitman in navy today. I must say it is by far my favourite gitman shirt. I prefer it to the white and blue oxfords I have. It is slightly slimmer at the waist and the custom gussets are a nice touch for wearing it out. I think it may also be a little shorter in the length of the body. The fabric feels very nice. This is one of my favourite shirts and well worth the money. Thanks ryan!
updated with pics!
chinos sold!
I have a pair of paul smith brown pablo shoes in UK7. These are very nice cap toes and the dip dye leather is awesome. They have been worn about 4 or 5 times. They originally retailed for around $400 and cannot be found anywhere now online. If they dont sell on here I will put them on ebay. pending shipped anywhere in the world or cheaper if in Australia
Does anyone know where I could get the navy short sleeve shirt APC did this season in a large?
I received my bihars. I sized down 1 full size from my starrs as people were saying here. They are a bit too tight, wish I had gone down only half a size. Just a heads up for you guys considering them. If anyone wants to trade a uk 6 for a uk 6.5 let me know.
Nice pics zippy, I have the yorks in oakwood as well and I love them. I think I'm going to take the plunge on the bihars. I take uk7 in starrs and yorks so I'm gonna go for the uk6 in bihars. Makes me feel like I have tiny feet..
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