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Any chance of overdye fabrics??
The bomber has a removable fur collar with a regular leather collar underneath. It clips on with studs underneath the outside of the collar and has buttons on the inside at the neck of the jacket. As far as I know the moto doesn't come with a fur collar. Doctor, I'm in the same boat as you with deciding on horsehide jacket in brisbane. Not sure whether it will be noticeably warmer than the other leathers. I have a brown lamb bomber and I know it will get a lot of wear.
hey zippy/RFX how did you size the arthurs? I'm a uk6 in bihars, uk7 in starrs.
Quote: Originally Posted by baconzilla Just a quick question. Is the paypal adress for TOJ templeofjawnz@gmail.com? I want to pay now without waking up Drew. Yes
Wow. Any closer pics of the navy pea?
Brian what colour did you get? I ordered a navy with black leather trim but the gray herringbone is very tempting.
I have ordered about 6 pairs of Paul Smith shoes in the past and a couple of orders of clothes. I haven't had a customs bill yet and they were delivered through Fed Ex.
Jeans could be Dior..
sunglasses are paul smith I think
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