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I would like to see a pic as well. I can't picture this jacket razele. What does it look like or do you have a pic? Is it similar to the double rider or is it more like the moto?
Very nice zippy. I'm really looking forward to my snuff chukkas that Mike hooked me up with.
Thanks zippy!
Does anyone here own the alden unlined chukkas? I'm a uk 7 in rollins, nash and starr. Thinking about buying the 8D in the alden. Will that work?
I forgot to mention. The gitmans generally have a single pleat in the back. Toj doesn't have a pleat and has darts.
Quote: Originally Posted by breakz How does a ToJ M compare to a Gitman Bros. M? They have the same chest measurement... I wear a medium in gitman and a large in TOJ oxford. I havent hot washed the TOJ one yet but I found it slightly larger in the chest and longer in the arms (which I like). I actually prefer the fit of the TOJ and it will be interesting to see how it comes out after a wash.
I went with a black moto in buffalo. Should fit nicely into my wardrobe next to my brown lamb bomber and navy peacoat. TOJ your killing me here! I will post some fit pics of everything when I get my hands on a good camera. Hey drew hows work on the duffle bag going? I would like a nice thick calfskin duffle! The suede duffles in this thread look nice but I think a duffle should be able to stand up to more than suede.
I just took the plunge on a buffalo hide moto. Really looking forward to it. I think it will be good for our climate in aus. Charly is awesome to deal with and I have always got the right size in TOJ.
Any chance of overdye fabrics??
The bomber has a removable fur collar with a regular leather collar underneath. It clips on with studs underneath the outside of the collar and has buttons on the inside at the neck of the jacket. As far as I know the moto doesn't come with a fur collar. Doctor, I'm in the same boat as you with deciding on horsehide jacket in brisbane. Not sure whether it will be noticeably warmer than the other leathers. I have a brown lamb bomber and I know it will get a lot of wear.
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