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Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 I'm also interested in a 9" inseam; I have long legs, and 7" looks like a pair of booty shorts on me. +1 The fabrics look great but I wont be able to wear it unless it is 9" inseam.
I think you will find gitman too short. Try temple of jawnz, there is a thread dedicated to it in this forum. I think it is about $100 shipped.
Hey Mike, are there any more Rudy's coming out soon? The fit is perfect for me!
Mike, I just received my package. Absolutely love everything. Really impressed with the service. Everyone should support Epaulet!
I just got the unlined chukkas in 8D on the leydon last. They fit well but I wouldn't want them any narrower but I have a feeling they will stretch a little. Would I be a 7.5D in barrie?
price drop
Updated with pics of sanders. TOJ now $210
I have the TOJ reversible MA-1/varsity for sale that a lot of people ask about. Check my sig for the thread.
Paul smith York boots in Oakwood suede UK7 fit like US8.5 approx. Been worn approx 10 times. Just a tad big for me or they would be staying in my rotation. $120 shipped worldwide Also I have an IC for a pair of Sanders dirty suede buck with red brick sole in UK7. These are brand new, been tried on only. Lovely shoes very similar to Mark McNairy red brick shoes. Here are some pics of the sanders: $125 shipped.
Quote: Originally Posted by zippyh Leather Soul The Shoe Mart Brooks Brothers. Epaulet Alden of Carmel/J Gilbert. In that order. There are a couple of aldens I'm interested in at shoemart but they do not ship alden to Australia.. I have no idea why. Does anyone have any experience with this? Maybe someone on here might proxy them to me.
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