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Thanks I appreciate it, even if my credit card doesn't.
can anyone give me an australian link to that private sale?
what are the prices like? I would like navy or grey low achilles in 41 if anyone wants to proxy them.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lovelex Hi, where can i find TOJ0 please ? I'm selling an old TOJ at the moment if your interested its a size 50. See my sig for link. Very nice baconzilla. I have a navy TOJ peacoat as well. Love it. We might see each other steezing around brissy.
Quote: Originally Posted by chronoaug search the million other posts that gave this info. good lord. i think i said it twice this thread. In the time it took you to post this you could have quite easily told me about sizing. Its not like I'm starting a new thread, don't be a dick.
Quote: Originally Posted by stick Maybe good deals don't belong in the baller thread, but for those that were looking for real GATs, here's a tip: www.ebay.de. Use keywords like "bundeswehr sportschuhe," "bundeswehr turnschuhe," or "bundeswehr hallenschuhe." The first set of keywords will turn up almost all results, the last two will find any stragglers. I got a pair earlier this week for 28.40 eur, under $40 usd, shipped, and shipping was under a week,...
final price drop before ebay. pick up a bargain!
Quote: Originally Posted by dls6128 I'm also interested in a 9" inseam; I have long legs, and 7" looks like a pair of booty shorts on me. +1 The fabrics look great but I wont be able to wear it unless it is 9" inseam.
I think you will find gitman too short. Try temple of jawnz, there is a thread dedicated to it in this forum. I think it is about $100 shipped.
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