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$72 postage to Australia?? Thats plain unreasonable.
If anyone receives a large in the filson jacket that doesn't fit I will gladly take it off your hands!
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou I ended my 2+ month no purchase streak with a 3-pack of Apolis Activism striped tees. The bundle price, plus the 25% discount for doing their survey put them at about 50% off the idividual price. Not bad. what survey?
http://cgi.ebay.com/Paul-Smith-Pablo...item45f431019d I believe these are 7.5 UK chens despite the title saying pablo. Also a nice pair of brown cages in 7UK for $200 on ebay as well. I would have bought the cages but too similar to my brown chens
It's the name of that particular shoe. The brand is Paul Smith.
jaac, what size is that? how tall are you?
Quote: Originally Posted by Razele Hey man I don't even touch that garbage rum - west indies rum is good and so is south american The only beer I drink is tooheys extra dry Spirits and Wine though.. Agreed. Teds are by far the best beer! Pure blonde isn't too bad either.
Another queenslander here.
I would go a size down. Probably fit a half size or possibly full size larger than achilles.
what size did you go for bdeuce? I think we are the same size.
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