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Nice $90 markup on the dior jeans you bought off me... Pretty lame dude.
RFX I would be very keen for some white hi's in 42 or black. Let me know if it ends up happening
price drops
Ervell clasp neck sweater navy medium. Very nice piece, I will be more than happy to keep if I don't get the price I want. $135 shipped. Measurements: Chest: 21 inches Shoulders: 18.5 inches Arms: 24.5 inches Nice fit pic by jaac: SNS herning burgundy and navy naval sweater medium. Same as the ervell, I really like this sweater but due to it being really hot here for the next 6 months it just wont be getting...
zippy how do the cutters compare in size to other ps shoes?
I have had some interest in the ervell cardigan, it runs slightly large. Measurements are Chest 21.5 inches Sleeve length 23.5 inches Body length 23 inches Shoulders 19 inches
MMM german army trainers size 41. In very good condition - been worn outside once. I love this colourway but unfortunately they do not fit. If someone has a 42 that they would trade that would be perfect. SOLD Wings + horns black service boot size 7. Been worn several times but still have a lot of life left in them. Very beautiful boots, yours for SOLD Patrick ervell cardigan in black size medium. Has only been tried on. The picture is of the same cardigan but in...
we should have ordered together!
$72 postage to Australia?? Thats plain unreasonable.
If anyone receives a large in the filson jacket that doesn't fit I will gladly take it off your hands!
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