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I have a mr olive hoodie I got from atsui. Really nice slub cotton and the fit is great. Construction seems to be top notch as well.
I find my diors (jap selv) have a greenish tinge to them. Well at least more than my kmws or andes.
Quote: Originally Posted by obeserabbit slimmer in the thighs? yes they are fairly slim in the thighs. I really like the cut. I would say they are fairly similar in the thighs to kmw rocker but the rise is lower.
I would say my cougars are slimmer than expected but they will stretch. The denim and finish on these jeans is great! Ande do you have any plans to do raw grey jeans? I bet heaps of people here would snap up a pair.
I own both the courts and achilles. I found the courts are wider and slightly bigger. I have a 42 in both but the courts are too big. If anyone wants to proxy me some black courts in 41 let me know!
Hi Kiya, I love my new selfedge black short sleeve shirt. How would you recommend I wash it? Cheers
I have always found my phillips iron to be trusty. Has a decent heftiness about it which I like. Hello to all the aussie guys. I just joined up, its good to see a few of us on here.
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