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Lovely uniform wares 200 series up for sale. Great minimalist design. Very lightly used in great condition 9/10. Bought for around $400 so my loss is your gain. $220 shipped worldwide registered mail. Swiss ETA quartz movement. Italian leather strap. More info here Please let me know if you need any more information or photos.
Ok I think you missed the point. I paid over 4 weeks ago.. It is not hard to order leather and other material when I pay - they have the money. There is no extra overhead in that scenario. Yes 6 weeks is not too bad razele, but by the time the jacket is made and shipped to me it is looking at closer to 7-8 weeks. I had been expecting it in the next couple of days from the posts here (I hadn't been told otherwise).
Quote: Originally Posted by RFX45 Maybe, although I have seen a few who has ordered more than one and gotten theirs one at a time. I am not sure if they ordered the jackets at the same time or at different times and it just overlapped with an old order but it would still be nice to get an update. RFX you might be in the same boat as me. I received this email from charly. Quote: Hey, We ran into a slight issue with the...
By popular demand the measurements for the mallory are: Shoulders - 18 inches Sleeves - 26.5 inches Chest - 21 inches Length - 32 inches It fits like a true 42.
Nigel Cabourn Mallory jacket in size 52 navy raf colour brand new and unworn. As far as I can tell this jacket is sold out everywhere. It was definitely my favourite piece of Cabourn's winter collection and I will be very sad to see it go. The navy herringbone in Harris tweed is awesome fabric! From memory I bought it for around $900. SOLD. If it doesn't go for this price I will be putting it on ebay where I'm sure it will. Nigel Cabourn US clip jacket in...
Mike are you doing a jacket in the 120's midnight blue? I'm looking forward to receiving the pants in medium gray and blue!
Final price drop. If nobody snaps these up then I'm keeping them!
New epaulet shirt added!
Price drops. Pick up a bargain!!
Price drop on the TOJ. Navy flannel pants sold.
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