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milkmade ( has a 20% off coupon "SOLONGSUMMER." I believe it works on everything, including Japan Blue Momotaro jeans. Not sure if it will work in store. Regardless of whether you like jeans raw or pre-distressed, there are brands that take pride in their work and there are brands that just put out stuff to make money..
money sent for boots
Ill take the Red Wing 1907's if I can see a picture of them.
I got a pair of BNIB Gorilla USA 5 1/4 Trekker Boots for sale, in Blue and size 9. The story is that I bought two boots, one in tan and one in blue because I wasnt sure which I liked better. I stuck with the tan ones and its time for the blue ones to go. Tags are still attached. Only been tried on twice and the white soles are pristine. Its yours for $110 shipped, or pickup is available for those who live in the West Los Angeles area. -Alex
Price drop $125
I bought this in Early November from a Gilt sale, and its either been too cold or too hot in Los Angeles to wear this jacket. Its a mid length pea/trench style, with a shiny exterior, kind of like sharkskin look. The interior is similar to what youd find in a suits. The size is a 54 Euro - 42 American, and I usually wear a 38 but it feels a like a Size 40. Composition: 75% Polyester, 25% Polyethylene Details: techno fabric, stitched trimmed, hidden buttons, belted...
a better picture of the The Hundreds two toned varsity hoody from 2007 collection
IF anyone can help ID this scarf as in style type or brand Id greatly appreciate it. It looks like it could be a shemagh/desert scarf pattern, or just a cashmere scarf
Is it a "dont" to wear a bowtie without a wingtip collar? Im going to a frat party and the theme is famous couples, and I'm going as a groom, so its not a legit black tie occasion, but I still dont want to make a mistake.
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