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Saw The Judge. I don't have strong feelings about it one way or the other. It's full of cliches, some lazy storytelling, feel-good bullshit, the acting in the first few scenes was pretty bad, and did they CGI RDJ into that Ford in the beginning? Overall the story was engaging and the ending was satisfying, but the movie would have been entirely forgettable if not for Duvall's and RDJ's outstanding performances. A lot of the supporting cast did a really good job as well.
^ I can. Although admittedly, I still carry the same Coach wallet I've had since before I knew any better (I think I got it in high school, so 2002 maybe). I've been passively looking for a new one, but haven't found anything I like.
No Michael Kors no care
^ But on the bright side you can carry a book, sandwich, and passport on your back.
I need that jacket and jumper. Anyone know anything about either?
Just found this photo from ss13 that I don't remember having seen before. Looks better than anything from the lookbook.
They were tight all over - no room behind my heel at all, but toes were definitely worse off. They may have stretched, but I didn't want to risk it.Thought about this, but I paid retail and for that price didn't want to have to ghetto rig a decent fit, plus I think there was too much heel slippage for inserts to help anyway. If I snagged them from the LNCC sale I probably would have gone that route.I actually considered the shoes you linked to, but decided against them due...
^^^ Second two pairs of boots look great. What are they?
Ordered Raf derbies in 41 and 42. Former were too small, latter too big. WTF.
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