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do an ebay search for the item you're selling, then filter it by clicking the "completed auctions" box. could also probably ask on forums relevant to the item in question.
If you're XS edit: forgot we can't link to the site that shan't be named.
So many good pieces. Just did a quick scan but this is probably my favorite knit of the bunch.
Thanks, Will. Will you be stocking the V neck or Drape cardigan?
Really like this coat, too. Does anyone have photos of the knit/wrap thing underneath? It looks like there was a blue one used as well.
Yahoo Japan.
Never did anything for me. Low dose melatonin works for me, but lately I've been falling asleep with a book.
Go with the 300mcg dose (only available from Sundown Naturals as far as I know). Most companies dose at 3mg which is way too much for many people and has the opposite of the intended effect.
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