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So many good things I could say about this one. Very well done.
Some chelsea boots. They ended up being darker than in the photos, but that will justify the lighter SLP chelseas I slept on, if I can ever find them again.
I have a sudden urge for some neon yellow Air Max 95s (the OGs, not the new seamless things). Where to kop? Only place I can find them is ebay, mostly from Chinese sellers, so that's a nope. Does Nike still make them?
I have no idea, I just found the oddly specific destination restrictions amusing. My guess would be the seller has been burned by one-named people in those states before.
Never tried them in person but the consensus for Qasas is to size down half.
saw this in an eBay listing
Broke the leather pulltab on a pair of Raf boots once while trying them on.
Fascinating. Tell me more.
lol you're one of those.ok guy.
Which suede is that? All the suede I've seen this season looks darker.
New Posts  All Forums: