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Another Earth is similar, and very good.
Looking for a SLP boot box if anyone has one they don't want.
size 45 Raf derbies for $350
Mann's one of my favorite directors (Collateral was brilliant) but 've yet to read anything positive about Blackhat, and the trailer definitely doesn't make me want to see it.
Mud was excellent, although I can't remember Shannon in that one.
I'm a 9.5 in flyknit trainers and the lunar flyknit things, and a 10 in some frees. I have dunks and geos in 42 but they're pretty snug, so 42.5 is probably my size there. I have these exact Wyatts in 42 with plenty of wiggle room. You may be able to get away with the 42.5's, 43's will likely be too big.
Take Shelter was great as well. Same director and lead.
They may have been 17.5s, I can't remember, but the hem was bigger than my DH 19cms in the same size.
Any release info on these?
Pretty sure I have these. Theyre some N&F cut and 'Skinny Guy' sounds right. Bought them as a beater pair and had them tapered from the knee down, and even though I hate the low rise and I have to wear a belt because the waist pops open they're the pair I wear most often.Acne Aces would be perfect (after being tapered from the knee down), but the denim they use attracts so much lint it's unreal. I have a pair of Thins with a 34 inseam I wear with SLP boots.SLP denim would...
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