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Thanks. I've been keeping an eye on Yahoo Japan. Do you happen to know a jacket name or product code I should be looking for?Yep, it has the same Bauhaus shearling as the shop I linked to, but as far as I can tell the jacket I'm looking for, if it exists, would be from an earlier season.
Anyone know if Rick offered a men's shearling like this for AW13? I found this Bauhaus from AW14 that's pretty close, but just doesn't do it for me the way the women's does.
I talked to Joseph about this one a few weeks ago. I'm contemplating it, it's so similar to the Alpaca jacket that I get to wear maybe one day a year.
A lot of small but significant changes from the book, but lots of feels in this one.
Everyone keeps telling me how amazing Interstellar is. I really need to get around to seeing it.
Well made with great acting, and while I enjoyed it, I think it calls for a second viewing.
Totokaelo's code is showing as invalid for me. TKBDAY was recent code, but it's expired.
Love these. Silver is the color, though. Asking price for this one seems low.
I'm looking for these cotton trousers/chinos from Frozen Waves. TATJANA told me they're "Pin trousers", article #AW11 28 21LN in an overdyed cotton. As far as I can tell these are the same ones in a different color. I'm keeping an eye out for them on Yahoo Japan, but what brands should I be looking at for a close alternative? I tried Acne and Our Legacy but didn't find anything. To be worn with the double alpaca mostly. .
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