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I need a light jacket and had store credit burning a hole in my pocket. The cape thing is removable. My first Siki piece, which I'm interested to handle in person.
Geller hood scarf
edit: pmed
Let me just go post in the middle of nowhere that I'm looking for the specific item that everyone on this page happens to be talking about. 10/10 advice would take again.
Two of my posts in this thread disappeared yesterday - is a mod deleting them? Are we not allowed to make posts about buying things from other members?
speaking of tights, i'm waiting for these to hit clearance:
because a lot of guidis look like melted leather socks.
You must have a pile of undelivered customs bills waiting on you somewhere. I'm pretty sure fees are a given when ordering from Spence in the US.
common projects x robert geller aw11 1995 side zip chelsea boots featured extensively in geller’s aw11 runway show size 42 (fit tts) worn a few times, excellent condition original box included original price: $620 at ssense asking SOLD
goose down rick sternberg. love it, but it runs small. not sure if i can keep it.
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