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if someone here bought the black size 7 tornados from upsilonking and they dont work out let me know.
rick owens drkshdw skirt pants du1377r size small new without tags SOLD Fit pic is not mine. PM me with any questions. Thanks.
so much for that.
my daily uniform lately has been some variation of that fit with rick or nike sneakers. consdering the guidis, though, tucking in the drawstrings - which i do when i wear a jacket with those pants - would have made more sense.
Hoping these fit.
dont know about lunarglides, but i have flyknit trainers and the flyknit lunar things, both in the same size, and the latter feel more snug in the toes.
Are you sure this is blue, or could it appear blue from the flash?Either way, I want a Bauhaus now.
had to replace my 19cms. previous level, but the fit is good.
Thanks. I'll keep an eye out.
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