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Watched this for the first time two nights ago after watching There Will Be Blood again. BN was great but my god I forgot how amazing TWBB is. I'll probably be going on a Daniel Day-Lewis bender this week.I tried watching Mulholland Drive last night after seeing it compared somewhere to TWBB but couldn't get through the first ten minutes. Four minutes of pointless credits followed by five or so of painfully bad acting. Watched The Master instead, which was incredible.
Can someone remind me if these are TTS or if I should size up .5 like the free run+ 3s?
Intarsia from Crust in Dust for $450. http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php/topic/153989-rick-owens-crust-intarsia-450-viotech-c-notes-comme-des-garcons-sasquatchfabrix-etc/
Sorry they didn't work out. Good luck with the sale. By the way these are great boots; somebody buy them.
Where'd you find Primeknits for 20% off? I thought they were pretty much sold out.
Thanks. Not in stock at TBS at the moment. Can they be had anywhere right now for
Where's a good place to buy white Achilles from these days?
represent wraith drop crotch shorts brand new with tag small/30 sold out online product page sold
maison martin margiela side zip boots in black these are the real deal, not the plasticy h&m boot pre-owned, topyed size 42 purchased for $900 from aloha rag in 2009. sold
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