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Looking for the Olive Acronym Prestos in small. Willing to pay resale but not $450 ebay fuckery.
Anyone recognize the sofas? Also digging the low tables if anyone has a lead on something similar.
worn once, practically brand new cotton with leather elbow patches tagged size L black from AW2015 If I remember correctly Mod S30HA0800, fabric S15237, Col. 900 Stored in a cedar-lined drawer - only put on hanger for photos Shoulder 17.5" Pit 20.75"
I'm going to try to see the Mags in person, but don't expect I'll buy one. Closest BoConcept store is 6 hours away - may swing by if I'm ever in DC.
Predictable and cliched, but the acting and directing were solid. I don't regret watching it. Shame the Cannes booing rumor doomed it from the start.
This felt like a parody of Malick tropes, like a really well made SNL skit. Some of the best cinematography I've seen in a while, though, and still more watchable than To The Wonder.I never understood the hate for The New World. I've seen it many times and find it to be one of the most beautiful, tragic, and immersive movies I can think of. Severely underrated, and on par with Badlands and Days of Heaven.
I like the Alphabet (and most things Hansen/Lissoni). They appear to be a bit more than I have in mind. I like the Muuto Rest you mentioned. Not a fan of the legs but I like the overstuffed/unstructured cushion design.Looking at the Hay Mags more online I don't like the stitching, but have yet to see it in person. What did you find disappointing about it (I'm guessing materials, comfort)?
Price is higher than I would have hoped for but I can't rule it out. Thanks.
This actually popped up on my Instagram feed today. There's a dealer a few hours away, so I'll have to make a day trip.No set budget in mind. I'm basically trying to get a handle on mid-range prices, something between Ikea-priced and some Italian thing that doesn't have published pricing.Nice. I'll keep this in mind. Thanks.
Looking for a sofa similar to Divani's Neowall, but more accessible (both pricepoint and US availability). Any suggestions?
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