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Bookmarked this one. Thanks.
Good to know. The pics on the UO site dont give off the same leather daddy vibes Schotts usually do.
Good call. I've never cared for Schotts - the fit just never looks right (I probably lean more towards fashion than authenticity here) - but it's worth looking into.
Really like the laceing - which I'm guessing Hedi (or whoever) pulled from somewhere else - on this SLP. Is there some other jacket maker using laced sides like this?
Is the version of the Santiags circled here available anywhere?
Brand new with tags. Size: small Color: DNA Dust 85% Viscose/15% Silk Retail: $280 Code: RU3151/JS I'm the original owner. Only selling because I haven't worn it yet; I have the long sleeve version in the same color so the sleeveless is kind of redundant for me. Comes from a smoke and pet-free home and has been stored in a cedar-lined drawer (only put on hanger for the photos) Feel free to message with quesitons.
Brand new without tags. Retailed for $250 at SSENSE. 70% wool/20% angora/10% nylon Made in Japan Shown in Oatmeal/Beige and Charcoal in Geller's AW12 show. Mine is Oatmeal/Beige. The photos of the scarf on the hanger are all mine, the rest were found online. From a smoke a pet-free home. Feel free to message with questions.
Watched this mainly because I liked the poster (also Colin Farrell) and it ended up being great. Premise is absurd - "Single people must find romantic partners in 45 days or be transformed into beasts and sent off into the woods." but it is really well done. Very unique film that makes me want to see more from the director. Dogtooth is next. Wild Tales is a collection of black comedy short stories from an Argentinian director. The stories aren't connected but share...
They look like the loafers from the H&M collection. You wouldn't be able to see the H&M logo on the insole in the Yoox pics anyway.FWIW I'm not interested in buying these - they're not even my size - I just found the thought of Yoox reselling ebay flipper markups amusing.
Thanks. I've always liked LL's, but the patch kills it for me.Yup, I actually talked to him about his.
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