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they're legit.
Had to go with black.
The merino coat is great, dont get me wrong, I just think the double alpaca is the better design. I almost bought the merino during the initial release, but felt like it would have worked better without the hood and with a longer liner, and really the coat itself could have been longer. I'm glad SS is doing longer coats again.
Always. Too many threads, not enough time to lurk.Ok, I thought maybe it was a full run. I already have the best piece from that season - the double alpaca - but wanted to get a few jumpers and cardigans I slept on.
This entire series is great.
What does this mean - is Schneider doing a Frozen Waves re-issue for NMWA?
^ That's a good one. This has always been one of my favorites:
Audi avants in particular tend to look way better than the sedans. Mercedes too.
Used, worn maybe a dozen times. Always kept on shoe trees in their dust bags. Original box and dust bags included. Foot pad on bottom of tongue for a more snug fit, but can be removed. $180 $165 shipped in the US. Feel free to PM with any questions.
I like these.
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