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Can anyone ID this jumper, or recommend one that's similar?
Thanks, guys. It's too early to file an item not received claim, but I called ebay and they advised me to send the seller a cancel transaction request, which I did.Waiting for a response.
The saga continues.... The seller just sent me a second paypal payment to offset the cost of the fee, which means I have all my money back (plus $4 for some reason) and he needlessly paid a significant fee when he could have just refunded me through ebay. Am I getting set up for something here?
He was. I did a google image search on it before buying and his listing was the only result, for what little that's worth.
uh, can he do that?
That'd be my guess. I told the guy that if he "found" it I'd pay more for it, but no dice.And on top of that fuckery, I just noticed that he didn't refund me through ebay, but sent me a paypal payment and had me pay the fee. What the fuck.
fuuuuck. seller canceled the sale and refunded me. apparently it's a japanese store and they "couldn't find" the jacket.just fuck.also, slightly less devastating, the socks i ordered from uniqlo got canceled because they were out of stock.
But how else will I find them at parties?
I have both the black and white versions for sale. Both are brand new with tags. Tagged small, but I'd say they fit more like mediums. $150 each including US shipping and paypal fee, or $280 for both. All my items come from a smoke and pet-free home. Feel free to PM with any questions.
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