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Sizes? I'm looking for both.
This bothered me more than anything else about the episode.
Sunset Blvd Classic. Boiler Room Such an awesome B-movie predecessor to Wolf of Wall Street. Good pacing and story (although with a weak ending) with excellent casting and performances; everyone is great, but Ron Rifkin makes it feel like a documentary. Shotgun Stories First feature film from the director of Take Shelter and Mud, which were both excellent. Budget for this one felt much smaller, but everything about it was great. Mystery Road was ok. Cinematography was...
They're legit.Keep in mind you'll pay customs fees on Spence shipments if you're in the US.
It's been a while.
Don't watch the 4th one. I went into it blind, waiting for Matt Damon to appear. He never did.
Brand new with tag. Ordered online and it fits a little big on me. I'm a slim 48, and though I could wear it it'd probably be best for a bigger 48 or slim 50. Retails for $507 at Totokaelo. More info here. $375 includes US shipping and paypal fee.
I've been happy with my Baratza Virtuoso.
More like water.
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